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  • Oil

    Do candlepin lanes use oil?
    --- SteveJT66

    82/70's,kickers,Kegel Kustodian

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    I've never actually played candlepin...yet. But I would assume that it does lol idk why not.


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      Nope! No oil.


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        Really no oil at all? Lol I'm surprised at that actually.


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          We oil at our place and always have. My lane maintence schedule goes something like...
          Dust gutters and capping
          Dust lane with lane mop
          One small spray of Brunswick absolute about roughly 2 feet from the foul line and a line of oil from that point to the arrows
          Buff to about 25-30 feet with rotary buffer
          Pull lane with Lino Duster. Done!

          Just a bit of oil to protect the lane from burn and take off any ball marks.



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            Looks like the good job for 100 LANE MACHINE less oil tank


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              Originally posted by Candlepin_Guy View Post
              We oil at our place and always have.
              No kidding!?! I don't recall ever bowling at a candlepin establishment in the northeast USA (specifically, central Massachusetts)that used oil. But the lanes at those places do show a lot of wear between the foul line and arrows. Perhaps oiling candlepin lanes is a Canadian tradition?


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                Hmm, maybe Davect! Just makes sense to me. It helps keep them looking cleaner too. We do clean them too every now and then. Not as often as we should though I'll admit.


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