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duck pin machines?


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  • duck pin machines?

    Where can i find info on duckpin machines like..heights,lane size,ball returns etc.
    I can see video's of them in action but need dimensions and if and i say "if" they can be bought anywhere anymore and are they reliable or not.

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    Re: duck pin machines?

    You would have to buy used to the best of my knowledge all the duckpin houses I ever bowled in had Shermans and they stopped making machines LONG ago. String machines might still be made, not sure about that
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      Re: duck pin machines?

      Kinda sad they don't make them anymore,many places i've talked to seem to like the idea of something other than regular bowling to attract bowlers/parties.
      One center i know of does have alot of interest in some of those machines and has seen a few video's of them in action.They may take out 4 pinsetters in favor of duckpin bowling to add the attraction for the parties etc.,hence the info needed for size etc.
      It's a way to draw more ppl in tough times when regular bowling has dropped off for many centers.
      String may be another option though.


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        Re: duck pin machines?

        If you are more interested in them for kids parties and events then I say string is the way to go. They are reliable and cheap to run and kids don't care about the lameness of string pinaction. If you're looking at starting up adult duckpin leagues also then freefall Sherman machines are probably better. I don't have much knowledge on Sherman's but I can say it's odd beasts than run on OLD technology, but they run well.

        Also, don't rule out candlepin bowling as well. Used Bowl-mor candlepin machines can be bought fairly easily.


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          Re: duck pin machines?

          Also, another hard sell is convincing adults that small ball bowling isn't "kids bowling." You have to educate them on the game.


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