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  • More Bowl Mor schematics

    A long while back mr.badwrench asked me to do up in CAD software some additional drawings of Bowl Mor schematic sketches he made. It took me long enough that I don't remember what specifically they represent so I just copied them exactly, but hopefully mr.badwrench will pop on this thread and give a summary.
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    This is an older version of the Model D electrical box with 3 8 pin pilot relays and 2 11 pin pilot relays. One other difference between these and the box with 4 8 pin pilot relays: The pinlift pusher relay is closed on this version when the pinlift is running so the orange wire to the pusher relay is on the normally closed of the pinlift pusher relay and the yellow and blue wires are on the normally open.

    I have found a version with 5 8 pin pilot relays but it had been cannibalized so badly I couldn't diagram it.


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      The overall schematic came out as too small an image to be readable... let me try again.
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