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Bowlmor 10 Pin Machine


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  • Bowlmor 10 Pin Machine

    I found this great video of a 10-pin Bowlmor machine in Japan.
    I wish there was more front end action.

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    That is nuts. Some of the mechanics remind me of a Schmidt free standing duck pin machine.
    This post is not an unpaid promotion of my business.


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        Had some of those in Lufkin and in Conroe Texas. The chain drive makes you want to pack up and leave immediately if you are not wearing full body armor. One scary machine to work around.


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          That's crazy. I would love to see how the table/deck works...
          I really enjoy the Simpsons. My problem is that I am starting to look like Homer. Doh!!!


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            If you stare at that rotating pit, you might throw up after a few minutes. Sheesh!!!


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              It's not much but here is a front view:


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                here is a longer video that shows more angles of the machine in action:


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                  The other version of this machine had a chain driven sweep on tracks similar one of their candle pin machines, there were also 2 sweep versions on that one, it would be the tighter, faster one.


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