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Pro-file ball returns


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  • Pro-file ball returns

    I have had 2 belts burn up and snap in half in 3 days on 2 different machines. What I find when arrive at the ball return is; a ball stuck in between the two lift rollers, the belt has burnt in half at the motor pulley. There is a smell of burning belt. I can not see anything wrong with the bearings and the lift rollers. Any idea why this would happen?
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    I guess that this an AMF Profile lift unit with the round urethane covered rails and the rollers are the tyres that lift the ball. Some guys space the rails either further apart to reduce pressure between the rails and tyre or add spacers to do the opposite. Also check the transition from the lower rails to the upper rails to ensure that the upper rails are not "stopping" the ball from transitioning to them smoothly. On the new Harmony units the guide plates may have to be bent slightly at the transition point to stop this. Sometimes it is just one of these new sticky balls that is causing it.



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      You may also want to check your belt tension, if its slipping when one of the wheels is under load you'll get that burn in there. Len has a great point if you've ever compared the houseballs to a resin ball they grab those wheels like crazy.
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