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Spectrum lift scratching balls.


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  • Spectrum lift scratching balls.

    On a pair of lanes we have had an issue of scratching balls intermittently for the past couple weeks. There are ball shavings on the up front ball returns, so I'm pretty sure that is where the issue is, but i can't figure out what is the cause. We use spectrum lifts. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Those marks are most likely screw head marks, but not impact more like roll by


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      Check your base mounting screws at the bottom of the down sweep have had this in the past if screws are loose will mark ball occasionally
      Its not my average that stinks its my skill Level


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        Hey all, thanks for the feedback. Upon further inspection, the down sweep had shifted itself too far over to one side. This was causing balls to scrape on a bolt for the frame of the machine. It was a problem that came and went due to the thickness of the ball wipes. If if was a newer, thicker ball wipe, the balls were fine, but if used an older, thinner one on that pair for the week, it would cut open after a while and expose the bolt, allowing balls to get hit. Adjusted down sweep over and haven't had a peep since.


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