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Ball Lift Motors Burning out


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  • Ball Lift Motors Burning out

    Working at a new inhome installation. When B installed the Brunswick Frameworks Ball lift They burned out 3 motors, including one of mine,(still waiting for my spare to come in they said they would replace) They ended up putting in a larger motor for the older sytle ball lifts. Only has been running for about a month and was just called and informed that the motor went out again. Have checked all voltages and amps comming in and all is correct.

    Looking for any ideas.

    Going to swap out Relays in control box to see if that might help but other than that out of ideas.

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    Re: Ball Lift Motors Burning out

    Did you check the motor wiring? When I got my Frameworks lifts, the motors were all wired for 220 volt, not the 110 I was using. Since I installed them myself while B was installing the lanes, no one told me about it until I asked one of the installers why the boxes said 220 on them.
    Those relays in the control box just plain stink. Anytime you get a ball jammed in the lift, one of those thing blows out. You can get replacements from Grainger - Part #6C890

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      Re: Ball Lift Motors Burning out

      check all the pulleys and wheels for being to close to something and rubbing or check for tires cracked and the whole thing works harder to lift until it overheats. Even when they run they run hot and will sometimes blow the thermal breaker, reset it after it cools and your ok. Sometimes for a week some times for 6 months. I doubt the speed the balls hit the lift help either.


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        Re: Ball Lift Motors Burning out

        Found the problem. When B put the last motor on was of the old style and motor pully does not line up 100% so belt came off and broke a wire for the safty switch.

        But did find that the relay in the control box was bad. Middle contact was bent into a S shape causeing it to go on and off consantly which was burning out the motors.

        After replacing the motor sounded much better. Asked installers about it when they were working on it and took out 3 motors then but they did not think it was a issue


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