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Sweep Trouble on Murrey MGM 5000


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  • Sweep Trouble on Murrey MGM 5000

    Hello there!

    I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction,

    I am working on a Murrey MGM 5000, and am experiencing trouble after the first ball.

    after the first ball is thrown,
    the sweep comes down to guard,
    the table comes down and picks up the pins,
    but instead of clearing the pin deck while the table holds the pins,
    the sweep goes back up to the 1st position,
    the table is not instructed to bring the pins back down.

    when i throw it into cycle, the pins are picked up and the sweep goes up again to 1 then operates until it stops in the back of the pin deck in the middle of the cycle and stops.

    reset works fine

    this may be confusing let me know if i can clear things up



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    Hanging bananas with the sweep UP? That's weird. Chassis issue? Hmmm...



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