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Scissor stud tool.


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  • Scissor stud tool.

    Not sure if they make a special wrench to hold the stud for the scissors, but my dad got tired of fighting with it and made this wrench. He cut down a 15/16 wrench, grinded the face down and fixed a magnet in the backside. It rests flush on top of the stud and can place it to where it can be hands free. Thought I'd share..

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    Ive cut a 15/16" wrench in half so as to give a little more manoeuvrability but never thought of a magnet.

    Thanks for sharing.


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      I bought a 15/16" short combination wrench from Craftsman. I also never thought of a magnet. Good idea.


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        The trick is to machine ( grind) the angle on the wrench face so it sets flush on the scissor and the deck plate.


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          My father is a welder/metal fabricator. I bought a standard 15/16 wrench and he set it up to my specifications. I let my co workers down back use it.


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            I just took a pawn shop 15/16 and bent the open end part about 5 degrees to line up with that thin nut/spacer head. Anybody remember the old sixties distributor wrenches that wrapped around to time car engines? Same idea.................


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              Magnet is a nice add on!
              Please.....follow the instructions!!



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                Brunswick just came out with one


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