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Preventative Maintenance - Deck Shields - A, Jets, A2


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  • Preventative Maintenance - Deck Shields - A, Jets, A2

    I guessing a lot of folks are aware of this Deck Shield repair kit from Quality. I made a slight deviation from their instructions which works well. They are mounting it towards the top of the deck post to hold the top while still using the bolt in the bottom. My shields have been trashed for a long time. They are cracked, dented, broken welds on the top braces, bolts broken on the top & bottom of the shield, just a mess. Some one added reinforcing bars on various parts of the shield which are causing more of the shield to crack. So when I replaced one of the worst, I changed the position of the repair clamp. I lowered it down so it supports the entire rear of the shield. It is very solid. I used the backing plate supplied with the kit as a drilling template. Measured to locate the Upper Rear Hole with the dimensions in the drawing, clamped it to the shield and drilled. dropped the bolts in each hole as I drilled to further keep it in position. I could have lowered it a little more but I didn't want to run into issues with the deck post. Picked up some good used shields and am in the process of doing the whole house.

    Deck Shield 2 C.jpgDeck Shield 1 C.jpgDeck Shield 3 C.jpgDeck Shield 4 C.jpg
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    Actually never considered using a deck shield repair kit. Zip ties do wonders in a pinch regarding that.


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      Whatever method you use to repair your deck shields. To prevent them ever cracking again simply sandwich a thin piece of rubber eithier side of the shield at the fastening point.
      I like to use 1" mud guard washers with a 1/4" hole. I use a 1" wad punch to punch out my 1/16" - 1/8" rubber dampeners. I glue the rubber to the washer, drill out the centre and then use them either side of the shield just tightened snugly. I do this at both lower and upper fastening points.
      The rubber absorbs vibrations and prevents the shield cracking.
      Quick simple and cost effective fix. If you don't want to purchase a wad punch you can cut the rubber roughly with scissors, glue then use the bench grinder to clean up.


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        When I installed the Deck Shield repair kit I also installed Grade 8 1/4" bolts in the front. Started rethinking this. Don't really think it needs the sheer or tensile strength for this position. If and when it breaks, I will most likely never be able to drill it out as a Grade 8. I have ground a slot across the front of a lot of them and got them out, but there was one I could not get out. I made a repair bracket that bolted to the stationary deck with a 1/4" bolt in it which worked OK (Pics 4, 5 &6). I know there is an after market repair for this but just made my own from scrap metal. Also changed the 1/4" bolts back to Grade 2 and put a support block under the shield to add more support. Ground a grove in the top and grooves on the sides for the black tie raps, and painted it black (Pics 1, 2 & 3). Don't know if there is such an after market kit available.

        Deck Shield 6 C.jpgDeck Shield 7 C.jpgDeck Shield 5 C.jpgDeck Shield 8 C.jpgDeck Shield 10 C.jpgDeck Shield 9 C.jpg
        Everything has to be Somewhere !!


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          Cobalt drill bits will drill out grade 8 bolts. It may take a while. They also stay sharper drilling softer stuff and can be sharpened.


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            Thanks mr.b, I did try one, even made a mandrill to hold the bit, but the surface of the broken bolt was so jagged, I just couldn't get it started. Gave up and made the external bracket.
            Everything has to be Somewhere !!


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              Nice ideas and fixes...
              Always remember rule #3,(Don't forget rule #1).Rule #1,see rule #3......


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                Some mechanic at my house years ago made use of some extra friction material rivets that were laying around and fixed the broken deck shields with them and some sheet metal. They seem to be still holding up.


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                  After I repaired my deck shields with sheet metal. I glued some thin rubber to mudguard washers and then sandwiched the shield between the rubber backed washers. The rubber acts as a dampener absorbing all vibration. Never had a shield crack or break ever again.


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