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Preventative Maintenance - Brunswick A, Jet Back, A2 - Warning Signs


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  • Preventative Maintenance - Brunswick A, Jet Back, A2 - Warning Signs

    After a post about electrical box orientation, I went into a "Marking Frenzy". Most of these displayed were already on, (on front and rear of machine), but added several for clarification purposes. Far left marking, (Pic 4 &5), on box indicates where Main Service power is supplied from. Shock warning and voltage indication, (Pic 4 & 5) is from NEC when a new electric service is installed. The Main Electrical Services are also marked in their respective locations so it is easy to determine where power comes from. Some of these were sent from Insurance Companies to cover their butts.

    Electric Warning 3 C.jpgElectric Warning 5 C.jpgElectric Warning 4 C.jpgElectric Warning 1 C.jpgElectric Warning 2 C.jpgReset Marking 1b C.jpgReset Marking 3 C.jpg
    Everything has to be Somewhere !!

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    Nice pics, especially like the labels for the overload locations.


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      Thought I'd include a few more pics of the Panels & Disconnects. They are to be labelled as to Voltage, Phasing & Warnings. I've included a little more info on them as to what they disconnect and what is mainly fed by the panel. Note the non-code compliant romex from the second panel.

      Electric Warning 7.jpgElectric Warning 6.jpg
      Everything has to be Somewhere !!


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        I like the panel markings, seems every new house I go to,it takes a few days to figure out where the boxes I need to use are, and what the card entries really mean. Example,
        the house I am at now has a Ball accelerator breaker that controls lanes 1-4 and 13/14! 13/14 people were not happy when BA died as I was fixing 3/4,later looked and saw a tiny
        scribble under breaker entry saying(+13/14). And this is a new (2006) house,the 40,50,60 year old houses with many remodels,etc are much worse.
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          There is kind of an unwritten rule for many electricians when they wire a residential home. One motor, one breaker - it eliminates that problem not to mention nuisance trips of other equipment when another one on that circuit opens. If this is done commercially, we wouldn't have that problem. Again here we have to be very careful about what is labelled and whether it is accurate or not. I have run into many mislabeled breaker panels. When we open a breaker, we always test the equipment to ensure it is de-energized.
          Everything has to be Somewhere !!


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