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Preventative Maintenace - Brunswick A, Jets, A2 - Slow Machine - Semi Creepy Speed


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  • Preventative Maintenace - Brunswick A, Jets, A2 - Slow Machine - Semi Creepy Speed

    I really liked the slower speed of Masternut but decided to go a little faster, (the M2SC Conversion - Mickey Mouse Semi Creepy Conversion LOL). Looking at the video on the Slower Speed, it looks like about 17 Seconds with the 3.75" pulley. I used a 4.5" Pulley, ( the A is 5"), which resulted in a 15 Second cycle time verses the 11 Second time of my Jetback Pulley. I also reduced the 3.5" M-El Pulley to 2.85. This resulted in Pinwheel rotation of about 10 Seconds verses the 9 Second rotation of the 3.5" Pulley. I removed the CC Drive Belt, Pin Wheel Brake, & Jack Shaft belt so I could remove the Jetback Pulley in place. Braced up the motor, (I have the old style mount), with a long piece of channel from the shaker board so I could access the pulley with my puller. I've attached the file for Rainbow Precision Products so you can pick your own size and speed. The quality was very good. (I purchased the AK46x7/8 and AK28x7/8) You Do NOT want to use a "Pressed" Pulley as they are designed for HP under 1 HP. I was able to use the Standard "A" M-GB Belt, (I had a number of them), which worked out great. Did Not have to adjust the plate under the motor. I did have to adjust the GB clutch due to the lack of inertia, about 3 flats on the clutch nuts, (I don't use the 1/4" bolt to adjust the clutch). Cost was about $30 for both pulleys and I already had the "A" M-GB belts. The M-El belt remained the same. Rainbow's prices on belts are also very good. I'm convinced as Masternut stated, this will reduce clutch wear, motor inrush, and general breakage if a jam occurs. Here is a site to calc your Belt Length if you wish: length.htm

    Pulley 1 C.jpgPulley 2 C.jpgPulley 4 C.jpgPulley 5 C.jpg Pulley Data - Pulley 2.9.pdf

    Here are the You Tube Videos:
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    Good stuff Mickey. If you don't have a 1/2 cordless impact, you should definitely get you one. Saves a lot of time on these machines in general..I don't know what I'd do without mine after using it so long. lol


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      Added a simple Belt Length Calculator so you can determine your own lengths,(a simple Excel file). Also some info on lengths.

      FYI - Many of our belts are "A" belts M-GB, M-EL. A 4L is equivalent size wise to an "A" belt,(1/2 " width), but the "L" designation indicates it is for fractional HP Motors - (less than 1 HP). When they give the length of a belt, it is measured by it's Outside Diameter. Be careful though an "A72" is equal to an "L74". A "3L" rides in an "A" pulley just as the "A" and "4L" belts. It just rides "lower" in the pulley".

      Belt Calculator.xls Belt Lengths.jpg
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        Here are all 8 Lanes converted. The ball & machine basically "Tie" now. Sometimes the ball exists the hood slightly before the machine is done, sometimes just after, but the speed of bowling is not really affected. Welcome to the first annual Beloit Lanes Derby, 2 Heats, (Pics 1 & 2). Lane 1 - Seabiscuit Split, Lane 2 - Affirmed Alley, Lane 3 - Irish Lane War Cry, Lane 4 - Citation Out of Range, Lane 5 - Secretariat Spare, Lane 6 - California Chrome Gutter, Lane 7 - American Pharoah Pinsetter, Lane 8 - Seattle Slew Strike. Place Your Bets !! Pic 3 is the "Soft" MD Cam, Pic 4 is the "Hard" Cam.

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          You may need the double deck roller with the slower speeds if you end up with corner pins falling over. The one from Pinsetter Parts Plus is good.


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            Haven't heard of the double roller. You say it helps with setting pins ?? and what is causing the corner pins to fall over ?? I run my decks at 1" above the pin deck, pin sets are pretty solid. Pin bases are also in good shape.
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              Factory & Converted A-2 (US, Ger, Jap)
              Comscore ECT, Matrix & DuoHD
              Walker B, Sanction Standard & Original K
              Kegel C.A.T.S


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                Thanks James. Haven't had that problem yet but I'll keep an eye on it and will check those pins. I have a few soft cams and the deck does shift very slowly so I can see how this could happen.
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