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Brunswick A2 machine won’t pick up pins?


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  • Brunswick A2 machine won’t pick up pins?

    So having a problem where, you can leave ethier a 8,9,and or 10 pin . And it acts like it wants to pick it up and then the deck will go back up .. and Then sweeps it . Anyone have a idea of what it could be or how I can fix this . Thank you so much for ur guys and gals help.

    Sorry to keep asking questions

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    Why would you be sorry to keep asking questions. That's how you learn and is the purpose of the site.

    What happens after it sweeps the pin away. If the deck comes back down to respotting pins height then it could be a moving deck scissors latch adjustment.

    If it sets new pins after sweeping the standing pins then it could be a detector issue thinking it's detecting a strike. This is most likely since you are apparently only having the problem on a few pins. In this case I would start by checking the detector rod adjustment.


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      As Ex stated above.......need more info.

      sounds like the detector disc is not positioned correctly. This could be due to several reasons. Obvious one is detector rod is misadjusted, could be bad or missing deck pads or cracked deck to name a few.


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        Also bad deck shaft bearing/s, deck arm bearings, stabilizer bearings ??
        Everything has to be Somewhere !!


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          When it comes down and acts like it wants to pick them up it just sets new pins ... and so new update only when it’s the 8,9,10 pin alone.. when I only spot thoses pins and hit the plugger in it sweeps them off. But when I reset it , it doesn’t sweep them so that’s why I’m confused ..


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            So with those 3 pins standing, the deck lowers to detect and then acts like a strike. Is that what I'm understanding?


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              I'm still a little confused but I'm going to go ahead and assume the machine is detecting a strike whenever the 8 9 or 10 pins are left standing alone.

              I don't think it's a detector rod adjustment.
              First thing to check is the deck pads. The deck during a standing pin cycle will rest on the pin. This causes the pad to wear over time. Lay on your back on the pindeck and look up at the deck pads in those pin positions. All 10 deck pads should be the same type and if the thick foamy type, have no hole that goes through to the base plate.


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                But what would make 3 deck pads go out at the same time..and
                exMech you are correct it comes down acts like the pins are still there then deck lifts up and sweeps the pins away


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                  You'll ultimately have to at least check the detector rod adjustment but it's best to get adjustments done before doing so. You need to ask yourself why these pins? Several good suggestions have been listed already. Also check around the support arms for signs of cracking. Then lower the deck manually to approximately pin detection height with no pins on the pin deck. Measure the height from the pin deck to to the bottom of the scissor deck in several locations. Include the middle between the 7 and 8 pins and the 1 pin as well as all corners and mid points. This will give you some idea if the deck is very far out of level side to side / forward and back and if adjustments need to be made there. You could also use a level but assuming the pin deck is level on certified lanes then this gives better accuracy then a standard level. IMO. You could also do this from any height but I always felt it best to do where the work was being done.

                  Also set a single pin in the 10 spot and lower the deck onto it and watch the deflection of the deck from side to side. Then do the same for the 7 pin and then compare the two deflections and see if one is greater than the other. Finally set the 1 pin and see how how twist there is from front to back. This could give you a clue if bearing, support arms and the like are wearing evenly.

                  After checking the things suggested here and above, then perform your detector rod adjustment and let us know how things go.


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                    Ya all this stuff is new to me so trying to see what it could be and any videos on here that tells me how to check it ?
                    Again I’m sorry , I feel so helpless /: haha


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                      Originally posted by Colbypul1992 View Post
                      But what would make 3 deck pads go out at the same time..and
                      exMech you are correct it comes down acts like the pins are still there then deck lifts up and sweeps the pins away
                      Stranger things have happened. Although, I do suspect a cracked deck, just eliminating the simple checks first.


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                        Where exactly do I check the deck detector? And what am I suppose to be looking for?


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                          Do you have a service manual? If not you can download copies for free from the Brunswick web site.

                          Depending on the manual used, the wording for the adjustment is slightly different but the procedure is basically the same. Below are images of parts of those procedures which should give you a good start.

                          Don't hesitate to ask if something still isn't clear.
                          Attached Files


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                            You said the machine detects a Strike when it has only an 8, 9 or 10 pin. That is, it sets new pins. I could buy off on deck twist with just a 10 pin, but 8 & 9 are very close to the detector rod mounting. Watch your your strike controller and see how it reacts with the various pins,( 1, 7, 10 with a full moving deck). You can get it close to the initial detection point, (90 degrees), then disconnect power cord, hand crank it, watch for deck twist, any distortion of the arms, anything that seems out of place as we have pointed out. It is a detection problem possibly, but what suddenly caused it? Something changed, wore out or is failing. Place a straight edge across the moving deck ribs and look for bowing or distortion. I have seen the newer lighter decks bow, warp, over half an inch. I would tend to lean towards HP's suggestion on a possible cracked deck. Is there another mechanic around that could help. Detector rod adjustments can get ugly. If you decide to adjust it, mark the tube to pivot block with a magic marker so you know where you are and move it only a slight amount each time after the initial setup adjustments. Many good things have been indicated by HP and exM, all these need to be checked before adjusting the detector rod.
                            Everything has to be Somewhere !!


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