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  • Used A2 Pinsetters

    im trying to get enough equipment to be able to open my own place. someone is selling some used A2's and im tempted to buy them. anyone know a going cost for those? I have looked but couldnt find anything recent-

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    I haven't a clue but I'm sure there's a wide spectrum in price depending on condition and maintenance done over the years. I know a house owner who picked up a couple 82-70s for $400 each. I would imagine a good A2 would be at least 3 times that price or more but I'm really not sure. Many likely get scrapped and those lucky enough to be around at the time might get them for free.


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      Depends on condition of the pinsetter. If they are abused or neglected, selling price should be lower to compensate for having to rebuild them yourself. 4 or 500 bucks sounds familiar.
      Have you inquired with CBS or Murrey to see how much an officially rebuilt machine costs? That might help.


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        Getting maintenance logs is also worth $$$ to me.

        I agree with Loadtoad. That will help to ensure you're not being duped.
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          Would try Schemm Bowling. He has refurbished machines and is a very reputable vendor. 888-724-2695 or 608-764-1464
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            All depends on care and maintenance. Refurbished from bowling supply is roughly 8,000 a machine installed for good machines. We just checked for some. I bought 6 A2's and dismantled them myself for 300 a piece from a center that closed and built new. One of the lanes I work at had 4 Jap a2's added installed, 4 new lanes , cosmic lights and sound. 250,000 from the one distributor mentioned. PM and I'll let you know about the one we used. Disatisfied
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              The A and A2 are worth sweet FA.
              I can purchase late model A2 inclusive of kickbacks and lane for $500 AUS dollars in fair condition
              ‚ÄčIts all the pheriphals that cost you.


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