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Rake function out of whack?


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  • Rake function out of whack?

    Hello and thanks for any suggestions given. This is my first post asking for info on the A2. I work on Japanese A2s.

    I'm working on a machine where its rake had been previously strapped back to hold it in the 180 position while the lane was down (I suppose in place of using a ready rod on the "bazooka"). The reason the lane was down is the left deck stabilizer bar had snapped at the rear connection and the right vertical link in the back had also snapped at its bottom connection. I also happened to find this machine without a cross conveyor drive belt. I replaced the vertical link and belt then moved on to the stabilizer bar to find its rear bearing to be seemingly pressed on to the frame of the machine with the broken bar connector attached. I believe it's supposed to come right off when the bolt is removed so I wonder if it seized in place from lack of grease.

    My real reason for posting has to do with the rake now failing to function properly. I'm told the deck may have lowered onto the rake a couple times before it was realized these connections had snapped. Once the straps were removed the rake moved forward and when powered up the machine completed a cycle. Right now the rake remains down when the machine is at 0 and the entire rake assemblies seem inverted on the upper shafts. When cycled, the rake remains down and raises briefly but does nothing else. It will only sweep somewhat (though not totally to the back of the deck) if I raise that latch on the front top shaft. I suppose it's now all just totally out of adjustment? Thanks again for any nudges in the right direction.

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    There are a lot of different causes for rake sweeping problems. First thing to do is make sure all associated adjustments for the rake are correct. Below is a tried and true proceedure I suggest you use to start with. From there you'll be able to tell what parts may be worn or have failed.
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      Thanks for the info. Put much of it off last night as another lane went down so I had to pull apart a clutch instead. Am realizing I'll have to keep a cleaned up clutch on hand to be able to do a quick re and re if it happens again on another lane before I'm able to find the time and just get them all done. Will get back to the rake tonight.


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        A droids work is never finished.


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          Thanks for the replies. This machine is still down; have had to fix a couple others in the meantime and only get a couple hours in a night a couple times a week while also answering lane calls. No leagues in this house.


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