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  • Pinspots

    Just curious,not in bowling business anymore.Had a question about pinspots.I worked on Brunswicks for only a few years,but my recollection was when adjusting spotting issues you had to adjust the moving deck as a whole assembly.I mostly worked on AMF machines and you could adjust each individual pin.Reason I am asking is I watch a lot of classic telecast of Bowling and you see the bowlers asking Harry Golden for a rerack on a Brunswick Machine.They are looking at the pins expecting a different result in the track.You would think all the bowling the pros did/do they would know these variables in the industry.Past and Present.Just recently at the World Series of Bowling.Marshal Holman said at National Bowling Stadium,kickbacks have no life cause a pin won't bounce back on to the pindeck!!!!!!Somebody was shooting at a 7-10.Kickbacks are sideboards.That drives me nuts too!!!!!

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    I think the majority of the time a re rack is done to change the tempo of the game, give the bowler time to collect their thoughts or maybe throw of a competitors timing. It's possible the bowler does see something is wrong with the rack and he/she best get another one set up. I can't remember how many the pros are allowed per game. Maybe someone else on here knows.


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    seems like pms were not done in a long time
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