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Preventative Maintenance Brunswick A Jets A2 - SC/Dk Pulley Assembly


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  • Preventative Maintenance Brunswick A Jets A2 - SC/Dk Pulley Assembly

    Found a bad left needle bearing in the Scissor / Deck Cable Assembly at the Rear Wall House. Needle Bearings are falling out and there is a pile of metal under it. Been 30+ years since I've changed these bearings. Refresh my memory. I believe after removing the tension on the Scissor & Deck Cables, loosening the set screws on both Deck Pulleys and removing them, the shaft should "slide" out to the inside or right. Theoretically?? Then need to rig up a few spacers, one to push the bearing out and a larger one to receive it, on a piece of threaded rod which acts as the puller?? Reassemble the same way. Told the owner to order all parts ASAP including extra bearings as I seem to remember, these tend to explode. Any comments are appreciated. Thanks... Mike

    SC_Dk Pulley.jpgSC_DK Pulley 2.jpg
    Everything has to be Somewhere !!

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    Getting the inner race off is usally always a PITA with needle bearings. The location doesn't help either.

    Good luck.


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      Thanks HP, gonna need it. That procedure seem right? Unfortunately, I don't have all my nice spacers and ground bearings from Beloit any longer. When I remove a bearing, I grind off 0.010" or more from the outer race and save it. It works great for pushing out other bearings in the future.
      Everything has to be Somewhere !!


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        Mate, I've never had to replace those bearings.
        It looks like a prick of a job because of the location and lack of space.
        let us know how you go......


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          I had to change a couple of these shafts that broke and I remember the hardest part was getting the shaft itself out because of the burs on the shaft. I never pulled a shaft that wasn't broken so I can't say if it slides right out. I don't recall the bearing being terribly difficult though. I don't have any tips or tricks other than to say I'm glad it's you and not me. Good luck.


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            Tomorrow is the day, and thanks, I'm going to need it. Cleaned up the pile of needle bearings sitting on top the deck arm, oiled the tar out of it, it's been hanging in there with no more shavings for now. I remember the real name of this part: the "Bastard Shaft" - how appropriate !

            B Shaft C.jpg

            Everything has to be Somewhere !!


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              That's not the bastard shaft Mike.
              The shaft that mounts the moving deck cam follower is because of the bolt that secures the shaft to the gearbox.


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                I certainly won't disagree that the MD Shaft is a real bugger but we've always called this one the "B Shaft". The part # spread sheet is from a handout someone had here on this site. And... I don't know if the "BA-12127" part # is correct. I know the dimensions listed are Not correct. The ID is too big. The shaft is 0.625, not 0.750.

                Bastard Shaft 2.pdf
                Everything has to be Somewhere !!


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                  I’ve done a few and yes it is called the basted shaft . There’s a hole in the left side of the frame that let’s you back the shaft out, once you remove the pulleys. To get old bearings I just used a slightly smaller socket and a larger one to press old bearings out with threaded bolt and and press new ones in with flat washers. Had one going bad when I was doing a lift shaft on the lane and noticed needle bearing going bad, was still running. Real easy with deck and lift shaft out of the way . Personally I would take a moving deck cam follower bolt breaking on me than this shaft bearings going bad any day of the week.Good luck, And since you already have moving deck and scissors cables off really not much more work to pull deck assembly off and have it out of your way.


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                    I've been doing several of these lately since they have been neglected for 10+ years before my arrival.

                    I understand that you are tackling this today, but for future reference, Brunswick sells a bearing tool for this location. Part # 12-700135-000. Fairly inexpensive, and works a whole lot better than a couple of sockets on a threaded rod. It includes 3 adapters. 1 for removing/installing complete bearings, 1 for removing bearings without needles, and one for removing a damaged outer race. I can press both bearings in the frame out and back in in under 10min now.

                    Be careful with part number 13, the scissor cable pulley assembly. It is discontinued. I cracked one removing the shaft a while back.

                    I find it easiest to do as you described and remove the moving deck pulley on either side of the shaft, then pull the shaft out to the right.

                    Just for fun, here is a photo of the bastard shaft that i pulled out last week.

                    Good luck!


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                      holy crp, what kinda play did that have in it
                      If its still broken, guess it wasnt in the parts budget.



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                        Lack of lubrication will always cause issues. I have ALWAYS lubed any moving part such as that area and M.D. cam follower/shaft and so forth.Monthly top to bottom. thin oil and a heavier body oil, depends on the area/part. I see MANY centers that just "let them run",oil later (maybe) and later on...BAM, troubles.


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                          thats what I walked into here. 4 years with no PM what so ever . finding all sorts of fun stuff to replace now.
                          If its still broken, guess it wasnt in the parts budget.



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                            I had one of those shafts break on me, right at pulley #14 in mickey's diagram. The shaft was extremely sharp on both ends, and the needle bearings couldn't turn. It took the head mechanic all day to fix it, and he was cursing up a storm the whole time. IMO one of the hardest parts to fix. You almost need to take the deck off to get enough room, and even then it's nearly impossible.
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                              I've always thought it would have been nice if that assembly had been bolted on instead of welded so you could remove it from the machine and fix it in the workshop.

                              Not sure if there would be too much pressure on the bolts causing them to break but it sure would make life a lot easier.

                              Never had to do one in nearly 30 years. Thank goodness.


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