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Need to buy 1 hp motor


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  • Need to buy 1 hp motor

    Need new 1hp motor for my A machine. Where can i get the best price? Would need part # . Thanks

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    Check Grainger
    I'm going fishing and camping!


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      Is there a Grainger part nmber for the 1 hp motor that fits the mounting frame?


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        To go with Grainger, you will need a motor with a 145T frame, and the adapter feet to mount in place of the original 182 frame.. may even want to step up to a 1 /2 hp...


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          Schemm Bowling sell used motors for I believe half price.
          Everything has to be Somewhere !!


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            350.00 used at Shemm


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              Try looking at this one Grainger #4k618 and 3m278 plate use 2 nine inch pieces of uni strut with 4 holes drilled in it for adapting the plate to plate and it raises everything up where it needs to be. The 3m278 plate gives you the ability to perfectly adjust tension on the belt. This motor also has overload protection already in it. The total cost will vary, but cheaper than brand new Quality and way better than a used motor. Remember you should receive additional discount at Graingers if you are a BPAA member


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                Hey Joel, 4k618 is a swivel head indicator at Grainger?


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                  Anyone have a Grainger Number for the motor?


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                    Originally posted by duds99 View Post
                    350.00 used at Shemm
                    He told me $395 a year ago and I told him no way haha
                    The older the part, the STRONGER it is.


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                      My bad 6k418


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