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180 problems.


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  • 180 problems.

    Hello everyone. well I have a 180 problem on one lane. turret indexes just fine after the 5 pin drops.... This 180 issue happens every so often, i already did adjustment #12 and everything worked fine for the day when we put people on the lanes after. but now i am getting 180 hanging bananas. and i am stumped as where to look for what i need to do. If anyone can point me in the right direction as what i am missing of i am not doing? I would really appreciate it.

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    Recommend reading Pages 1-64 thru 1-68 of A2 Service Manual 12-752828. Something in the linkages or rear interlock shaft is not right. May be latch is not holding, long link roller is worn, rear interlock shaft to turret interlock pin may be getting caught on the gearbox oil pan, may have some worn or broken triggering linkage.

    Turret Interlock.pdf

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      you might want to check front reset buttons sometimes they get stuck on mine that causes hanging bananas frameworks ball racks


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        Make sure this is connected...
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          The 180 turret interlock link has nothing to do with your problem so adjustment 12 or any of the links associated with the turret interlock link are mute issues. Stopping at 180 is controlled by the pin detector link which is controlled by the "D" shaft of the detector. As long as it's functioning correctly the pin in the clutch release lever remains in the open slot of the clutch actuator link which is what makes the 180 turret interlock link and associated components a mute point. Since the scissors are running correctly you can likely assume the "D" shaft is good.

          Check the pin detector link as Ron suggested above and make sure it's all good and the spring keeps the clutch actuator link locked into the rearward direction so the clutch release lever pin stays engaged. Hanging bananas is often caused by people repeatedly pushing the reset button when the machine cycles. When you have this condition occur, check the clutch actuator link to make sure the pin hasn't come out of the open slot int the actuator link. If the clutch release lever pin has come out of the open slot of the actuator link and the pin detector link is still urging it rearward then you need to look for the reason the pin was allowed to come out of the link.
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            I've seen fingernails broken off in reset buttons that would cause this. Also, just last week had a faulty TDM causing this. But the problem was not intermittent......machine was in a constant cycle, so probably not that.


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              If it's only happening now and then, i would rule out the reset button on the cluster. There are numerous causes for this fault. Pin detecting link being the cause is a long shot, my experience tells me that if this link was the cause, it would be a constant.
              The first thing you need to do is to categorize the problem as mechanical or electrical.
              The best way to make this call is to simply sit on the machine and see if the cycle solenoid is firing only when it should. Random faults are the hardest and the most interesting to fault find. It's a matter of elimination.

              Good luck


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                It looks like the problem moved - "well I have a 180 problem on one lane. turret indexes just fine after the 5 pin drops.... This 180 issue happens every so often" so he made the #12 adjustment which may have corrected that problem. I missed the "banana stop", my bad, so it would be a problem indicated by exM or HP. But is the machine cycle solenoid firing somewhere between 270 & 360 setting new pins causing the banana stop? Need to isolate whether it is mechanical or electrical as HP stated. Wasn't there a recent post about the Actuator Link being cracked causing a problem. I know the newer machines have a lot more problems with various stamped linkage parts cracking or breaking compared to my old 3000 serial cast stuff.
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                  Hey guys thank you for all of the input. It seemed that the contact-er was getting stuck and causing the cycle solenoid to get stuck... I cleaning the contact, and havent had the problem happen yet. I am also going to check the suggested linkages that where brought up just in case i was missing something there.. thank you all again. I really do appreciate it... Also i did read the pages.. i have to re wire my brain to handle all that information at once. hahahahaha... On to the next issue.


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                    Thanks for responding with the fix. Was the contactor getting stuck or the Cycle relay and do you have a separate relay or a TDM (Time Delay Module) ? You can file the contacts but once the Silver Coating on the contact, (which many of them have), is burnt, they will tend to arc more and "weld" themselves together more quickly so you may want to replace the relay if that is the case.
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                      Agree with Mike. Sounds like you have the old style contactor. Replace it with a cube relay for minimal cost. Trouble shooting and replacement of the cube relay is so fast and easy that you will want to do the whole house.


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