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Broken Moving Deck


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  • Broken Moving Deck

    I recently took a few days off with is a rarity for me and (of course) when I returned to work I found that a moving deck is completely destroyed, particularly around the 7 pin chute.

    My question is, does anyone happen to have the procedure to replace the entire assembly? I was told that a full replacement is a three hour job (which seems too long) and I just want to make sure that I have all of my ducks in a row.

    Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

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    Check this thread

    Mike Wilson
    Bowl-Tech Inc.


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      Thank you kindly Sir

      I figured it would be an easy job to replace just the moving deck but my GM is getting a full replacement.

      I'll make it happen, I always do. I suppose I needed the reassurance.


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        The extra work involved to remove the entire deck assembly is a great deal more than just the replacing moving deck. Asside from the cable connections and stabilizing rods you also have to perform pinspotting adjustments and in some cases shimming of the deck posts. Although unlikely, the pin spotting may require the need to shift the entire front end of the machine if you are unable to get the spotting back via the posts.

        Replacing just the moving deck usually requires no adjustment and can be done in under an hour.
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          If you do have to adjust Pin-Spotting, this is a handy tool. 1 is good, 3 are way better, if you work in a real "rich" House. LOL

          Pin Gauge 2 C.jpgPin Gauge 3 C.jpgPin Gauge 1 C.jpg
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            I ended up removing the entire deck and then removing the moving deck from the assembly. It was easy and quick with the exception of transferring all of the moving deck parts from one to another ( that took most of the time and I had help). I will have to make minor adjustments to the deck as my pin spots are off but overall it was a lot easier than it looks. Thank you to everyone who chimed in to help, you guys are the best.


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