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Broken ballwheel


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  • Broken ballwheel

    Okay. Thanks to Roscoe's walkthrough, the ballwheel has been swapped. Ended up pulling out a few more things than he described, but it got done. During the reassembly process, the junior league director, who is/was a shop teacher at a local school, stopped in the back to check out what was happening. I promptly had him shown the broken ballwheel; he almost immediately said he could MIG or TIG it back together (I forget which) and then have it ground smooth. Is this even feasible? I was rather under the impression that if these things broke, they were done.

    If not, no biggie -- I'll order another one.

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    Biggest thing to deal with is the roundness factor -- if the wheel is out of round, it will chew up the pinsetter again.

    Physically welding and grinding it down so it is smooth and looks good is not a problem; pretty straight forward stuff.


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      I don't think I'd weld a completely broken one when there are plenty of spares available. The likelihood of a fracture reoccurring is high and considering the time and effort involved to remove it.......

      Most other parts I'd weld when completely broken, the ball wheel is just not one of them.
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        I welded the only broken one I've seen. In the pinsetter. We didn't have a spare at the time. It was a little out of round so I rigged a spring loaded upper 10 side guide roller to keep it in place and we only used that lane for full house leagues until I replaced it. If it sounded like it was galloping instead of turning smoothly when you found it broken, junk it for sure.


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          Never had a ball wheel break in 30 years.

          Something isn't quite right if the wheel is breaking.


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            Agreed James & HP. If your Upper Guide Rollers are Not adjusted properly, they may be putting excessive strain on the ball wheel, not to mention, all the rollers and bearings. Over time this constant stressing may be the cause of the failure. How many times can you compress and relax an egg before it cracks??

            Not a real fan of the Brunswick adjustment procedure. Recommend going to this post: Preventative Maintenance - A/A2 Guide Rollers & Idler Tensioners

            And I don't believe there is such a thing as a perfectly round ball wheel..LOL Seriously, I've never seen one.
            Everything has to be Somewhere !!


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              Originally posted by mickeygm View Post
              And I don't believe there is such a thing as a perfectly round ball wheel..LOL Seriously, I've never seen one.
              That makes two of us.

              This is the first one I've seen let go in my 15 years here; I remember seeing a broken one hanging on the back wall in times past, and I thought that was the one that was still there. On further inspection, however, it was very much intact, so having that there was a fortunate circumstance indeed.

              I think I'm inclined to take Kanga's advice, and just get another one. I've told the teacher/league director in question that he can go ahead and grab the thing and take it into his school and give the kids something to practice on. Given how they're constructed in the first place, I'm sure they've already been welded once.


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