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    I have B2000 power lifts with 24v blowers, and 120v lift motors.

    I have a pair that the lift motor overheats. I rebuilt the relay box. Everything is new except the 24v transformer and the switch. New motor installed. Wiring is all correct and all voltages check out OK. The motor continues to overheat.

    The motor that was replaced died from heat, it seems. Some burnt wiring/connections. The control box was rebuilt as a precaution.. One of the old relays had also been hot. Plus it was a good time to dispose of all the old unused wiring in the box.

    I am certain that all wiring and connections are correct and in good shape.

    What else can I look for that is causing my problem?

    Thanks in advance!

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    If a new motor is still overheating, I'd be checking for bad bearings in the shaft housings that could possibly be causing the motor to work too hard to turn the pulleys in the lift. Pop the belt off and rotate the shafts by hand to see if one feels a little too hard to turn. Otherwise, not sure what else it might be. If the 120v connections at the motor from the control box aren't tight, may cause overamping and overheating of the motor.
    It is wiser to find out than suppose.--Mark Twain


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      what about that belt being too tight. would that possibly cause them to overheat?
      If its still broken, guess it wasnt in the parts budget.



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        Thank you for the ideas.

        New info.. I haven't actually seen the motor "overheat." I bowled 7 games on one lane today and it did great. I was told that the motor kept overheating, and it has worked for me every time I've been here.

        Until about 15min ago. Ball lift gave out on the first frame of league. Turns out, I lost 24v to the lift from BOTH pinsetters. I'll see what I can track down tomorrow.


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          The 24v lines from the back end could be chattering the relays.
          That can cause the motor to overheat very quickly.
          I would think that the relays would burn out first, but electricity does funny things sometimes.


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            Once again, thank you all for your responses.

            It looks like the motor was never actually overheating. (Other than the original motor which was dead.. toasted wiring.)

            The issue remained after replacing components because of a bad wiring job in the accelerator control box. The 24v lines were soldered (badly) and wrapped in electrical tape. The tape got old and crunchy and began to fall off. The exposed solder joints were randomly shorting out on the sides of the box as vibrations moved the wires around.

            I fixed the poor wiring job and everything is running smoothly.

            Check the simple things.. and don't put 100% faith in what the counter employees tell you is happening!


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