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Blackout while setting pins


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  • Blackout while setting pins

    machine Blacksout while setting the pins the deck cable was broke that goes around the deck cam follower then the machine started doing this checked the scissors and deck rollers all look good and I hit the motor contractor and the machine runs like nothings happening

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    Was the cable you replaced the cable that goes into the deck jam tube? If it was did you replace the cable in it yourself or was the tube and cable preassembled off the shelf?
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      We had a similar problem at a center I work casual at. Whoever replaced the cable in the spring tube put the switch actuator "rivet" back in with the x washer end of the pin trying to activate the micro switch.



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        It sounds like you may have a problem with the Deck Jam Micro Switch. With the Main Breaker off and the Main Power Plug Disconnected, use an Ohm Meter to check continuity between terminals TS2 - 2 & 3 and then TS2 - 3 & 5, (assuming your machine is standard wired). These are your Deck & Turret Jam terminals to those respective switches. If there is No Continuity, you will need to find out why, (jam tube pin not making contact with switch, turret bolt not making contact with switch, etc.). I would Caution against overriding the low volt protection by manually depressing any of the relays or contacts,(Unless the main motor is unplugged). If there is a jam, only bad things can come from this, (Breakage of 1:1 cover, bent detector mount plate from breaking the Deck Cam Follower Shaft Bolt, and possibly more). I prefer to troubleshoot components De-energized. It is Safer and accomplishes most conditions. There does come a time when you have to troubleshoot Hot but many times an Ohm Meter will get you the solution. I've included a Low Volt Schematic for MY MACHINES ONLY!! (as I have made several mods to them), but it will give you some idea of where to start. You can modify the Word Doc to conform to your specific machines and then create your own PDF if desired.

        Schematic LV WIRE Config 1.docx Schematic LV WIRE Config 1.pdf

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          I'm thinking that Len is onto something. As long as the cable is installed around the 2 pulleys correctly and under the cross shaft correct, sounds like that pin was put in backwards. I've had guys install the pin that way, but I've always caught it before we had to use the spare assembly.
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            The reason I asked about the tube is because some have been assembled with only one spring or the incorrect type of spring.
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            Comscore ECT, Matrix & DuoHD
            Walker B, Sanction Standard, Original K, Flex Walker & Ikon
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              Very strange indeed. Doesn't the cable relax during the motion of setting new pins?
              If the actuator pin in the deck jam tube was around the wrong way, wouldn't this mean the deck jam micro switch be open all the time and not just during the process of setting new pins?
              Suggest the original description of fault is wrong.


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                It is possible the the needle bearings for the shaft that connects the control cable pulley and the upper moving deck cable pulley are binding causing the deck jam, but much more info is needed for an accurate diagnosis.


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