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A2 wont go into Second ball after first ball cycle.. HELP


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  • A2 wont go into Second ball after first ball cycle.. HELP

    Alright guys I've taken apart the detector on my machine because I had a standing pin selector tip brake off, IDK how it happened, but anyway I got it fixed and put it back together and now it doesn't want to go into second ball. I've done many adjustments on the detector rod and the tube itself. and everything is free in the detector, and the new pin solenoid is free and working properly. I can manually put into second ball, but it just wont do it when the machine cycles, I made sure all the springs are put back in the detector the correct way. I also made sure that I was spot on with the teeth for the degree of the detector to ensure that it is dead on at zero degree's. Now I'm lost as to what and where to go now to get it back running to normal... I can use all the help I can get right now to get thing ack up and running.. Thanks.

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    I went thru the detector one final time and noticed a spring on top that looks light the right spring but wasn't. it was the same size and everything but it just didn't have enough tension to do its job. but I switched it out and now it runs fine.


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      I'm glad you got it going. Thank you for sharing your solution.
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        Could you give us the part number of that spring? Thanks!


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          Originally posted by daughenbaugh View Post
          Could you give us the part number of that spring? Thanks!
          The spring that urges the standing pin controller forward @ 270deg respotting pins and puts the mach. in 2nd ball is 12-100084-000.
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