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  • A-2 turret

    I have a lane (9) that is a problem child. No problems other than pins slipping on the cross conveyor belts on a regular basis. We have excessive humidity problems. When the humidity is low, no problems. Recently, it has started missing pins on a full rack reset. It varies, never the same pin(s). A bowler told me this eve that it was only setting 6 to 7 pins over the weekend. I wasn’t there to see this. I recently had a short turret belt slipping causing a 5 to 9 half index. I de-greased the belt and index cam and that stopped. The multiple pin missing problem has gotten worse over the past couple of weeks, but only when it’s rainy or high humidity. The dehumidifiers go up 10% as soon as it rains/storms. I’ve only had one blackout on this lane, so I know it’s double indexing on its own at random times. On a side note, I’d dismantled this lane about 4 months back to replace a ball wheel belt. I’m wondering if I have the long turret belt too tight. The randomness is starting to aggravate me!

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    Loosen the turret belt spring until it won't index all the way around then tighten it one or two turns. If that doesn't help you may need to look at the indexing linkage. Search "SSTJ" for advice on a positive stop for the linkage.


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      Check your indexing trip lever adjustment. Then check your indexing latch to ensure it engages the roller firmly. If not you may have a bent short link. Also check all these components for wear.

      Next I would check the torsion latch arm to make sure its firmly set to prevent the time delay gear from turning when its not suppose to. The rubber stop can deteriorate and allow the trip arm to vibrate loose letting the time delay gear rotate.

      Also, what is happening to the extra pins. Are they ending up on top of the moving deck or are the not getting fed to the turret. Could help isolate the problem.


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        Multiple indexing is a common fault. Thete are numerous causes, all of them simple to fix. It's just a matter of eliminating them one at a time starting with the obvious.

        Take the tension off the long turret belt as mentioned above, having this belt too tight will only increase wear on other components as well as it has nothing to do with your problem.

        Good advice offered above. If your sure excessive play in the indexing components is not at fault. Try adjusting the trip lever back to the point of failing to index.

        Maybe loose turret indexing cam.


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