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won't go to 2nd ball


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  • won't go to 2nd ball

    a2 pinsetter wont go to second ball. I have read other posts on here and most say it is not recognizing and pins on the deck so its in the detector somewhere. but I noticed when the deck shifts the top inside deck pulley is not moving at all like it does on another lane that is working properly. I am guessing this is the problem but have no idea how to fix it. All the deck cables look like they are on properly

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    Start by looking at the strike cam follower. It should be held up during a standing pins condition at 90 degrees as shown in the picture below. If it's held up then you are probably detecting the pins but we need to know more about what your machine is doing after detection. If it's not being held up then you aren't detecting pins and you should start by checking the detector rod adjustment.

    The inside cable is for the scissors and so it should move during a standing pins condition. The moving deck should be blocked out and the outer cable should not move nor should the deck shift. It sounds like you are saying the scissors are blocked out.

    If the strike cam follower is being held up then you probably have an issue with the moving deck/scissors latch. By default the scissors will be activated unless the strike cam follower falls to the low dwell of a strike detection. At that time the 'D' shaft will rotate and the scissors will be blocked out and the moving deck will move after 180 degrees. So if the strike cam follower is being held up and the D shaft isn't rotating then look for something broken or missing in the links connecting the moving deck / scissor latch to the detector.

    So what is happening after the detection stroke. Does the rake wipe away standing pins and then sets new pins like a strike or does it leave you with no pins on the deck? If it sets new pins then you probably are not detecting standing pins.

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      it wipes away the standing pins and sets new pins like a strike


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        In that event I would try adjusting the detector rod a 1/16th UP. But be sure there isn't excessive front to back tilt on the deck assembly caused by worn stabilizer rod ends and that the deck assembly is level with the pin deck.

        Also be sure you're deck pads are evenly worn and that you don't have a mixture of plastic and foam deck pads.
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          ok think i found the problem. the strike cam follower is going up under the d shaft and staying there is there an adjustment to that or is it the springs. if i hold the d shaft down when the cam follower bumps against it it goes to second ball. so the adjustment is somewhere there i would think


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            trying the detector rod adjustment. i just don't see any pivot block screw there to loosen. i see the tube the adjustment screw and a pin holding a bracket in place but no screw. this is the first time i have tried this. so its a little confusing to say the least


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              at 90 degrees the strike cam follower is sitting under the b shaft


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                Please don't think I'm being critical because I'm not intending to be. However, I believe you are improperly identifying some components and I just want to avoid confusion that may send you in the wrong direction. Below is a picture of the strike cam follower in strike detection position. I have identified the D and B shafts as well as the strike selector. The strike cam follower is mounted to the D shaft so it can't be under the D shaft. The strike selector is mounted to the B shaft. I also don't know what you mean when you say you hold the D shaft down. I think you mean you hold down the strike selector. If you did that then yes it would block out the strike cam follower and the machine should run a standing pins condition leaving you in second ball at the end of it. Since you said it does go into second ball at that point it's a good indicator that everything is working and you may just need an adjustment as James suggested.

                Does the picture below represent what you are looking at at 90 degrees?

                I've also attached a picture of the detector rod adjustment and circled the components you need to look at. The adjustments should be made in small increments. I suggest you take a marker and put a mark where the tube is at relative to the pivot block. Sometimes the rod can stick and when you apply pressure you accidentally push the rod to far. The mark allows you to return to where you started if that happens.

                The pivot block clamps around the tube and when you loosen the adjustment screw you can then push the tube up slightly. Tighten the adjustment screw and see if that solved your problem. If not, go a little more and check it again.

                Hopefully this will get you going. Post back and let us know how it went or if you have more questions. Good luck.
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                  Hate to but just to emphasize what James & exM stated... You have to LOWER the Deck to 90 Degrees (Pic 1), to access the screw in the Detector Pivot Block. I would further emphasize what exM stated... MARK the Rod and Loosen it very lightly, just enough until you can "Gently twist it to move it" and do it in very small increments !! May also want to review the Manuals and attached doc to help with Parts ID.

                  ALL Files Scanned with MALWAREBYTES PREMIUM Version and AVAST INTERNET SECURITY Version 18.4.2338

                  Detector Rod Adjustment 2.jpgBR Dectector_B.pdf Parts ID 12 c.jpgParts ID 12A c.jpgParts ID 13 c.jpgParts ID 13A c.jpgParts ID 14 c.jpgParts ID 14A c.jpg
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                  Everything has to be Somewhere !!


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                    May also want to look at this post for the future. Preventative Maintenance - A Jets A2 - Parts Identification

                    Everything has to be Somewhere !!


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                      ok i put it at 90 degrees loosened the screw and pushed the rod up two or three different times with no success, everything remains in the same position. could something else be locked up or in a bind that i am missing. I am actually a pool maintenance man at a resort that has been forced to help them at their bowling alley, so this is definitely something new for me.


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                        You picked a heck of a problem to cut your teeth on. Without knowing some history on the machine, it's hard to say what's going on but I suspect it's just out of adjustment. If someone else tried to adjust it and didn't know what they were doing it could be out far enough that that a few minor adjustments won't bring it into where it should be. Below is part of the full procedure to set the adjustment from scratch. Try this first and if you can't get it to work we may need to do the full procedure. Refer to the previous posts for help identifying parts.

                        We are here to help but you may be better off to check around for another center that has Brunswick machines and see if they have a mechanic that is willing (probably for a fee) to come help you get it set and running. If this isn't just an adjustment then you are probably in way over your head if this is the first time working on a bowling machine. There are hundreds of parts here and removing and repairing a detector could takes days for someone with little experience.
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                          Went to my boss today and finally got them to agree to let me call someone. just wanted to thank everyone for their help although I didn't get it fixed i did learn quite a bit. Its a relief knowing someone is coming on Monday to fix this problem. So once again thank you


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