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2nd ball goes into a 90


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  • 2nd ball goes into a 90

    i have a machine that will start in 1st ball, the customer throws the ball the machine cycles and goes into 2nd ball but the rake and the deck stay down. i can walk to the back and cycle the machine by the solenoid or the cycle button in the back. i orginally thought it was the time delay in the panel. I have a-2s. ive swapped it out with one i had laying around in the back orginally and then nothing would work. only to think this one could be bad. i swapped that one out with another one i had and sure enough it did it again. what am i missing? im about to swap out another lanes time delay to verify if the 3rd one i put in wasnt bad also.

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    This sounds like it could be a cracked reset lever or a dashpot adjustment. Is the pin on the reset lever captured by the clutch latch when you have this problem?
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      Problem is mechanical.
      Sounds like the machine is overtravelling 90 degress.


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        The cycle solenoid on an A2 fires Only once per cycle. 1st ball it is usually a time delay, 2nd ball it is instantaneous, (but this is not relevant here - just info). Once it cycles it will be a mechanical problem as previously indicated. Look for cracked or broken linkage, as James indicated. Then try this adjustment. Adjust Gear Box Stop Collar.pdf

        Would highly recommend to refer to the troubleshooting guide in the back of many of the Brunswick Manuals. They are readily available on the Brunswick website and this site. Troubleshoot before swapping parts out.

        May also want to look at these posts later on: Preventative Maintenance - A Jets A2 - Parts Identification Preventative Maintenance - A Jets A2 - Pinsetter Procedures

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          Almost sounds like a 270 stop, with the clutch latch locked.
          The ball light would be on 2nd ball at that time, but still stopped at 270 first ball.


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            We had a similar problem with one of our japanese A-2s. Front desk called it a rake down, and sure enough it would be in 2nd ball at 90°. Turns out it was the gear box clutch failing to disengage at 0° after 1st ball, just had to adjust the dashpot I believe.
            Finally got lucky and watched it happen.
            Hope you find the solution


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