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  • What caused this


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    First guess... Aliens, definitely Aliens Second guess... Someone took a can of gray spray and painted it...LOL Seriously, I'm guessing from the pic this is the clutch release lever ? I would have said a casting flaw but the wear patterns are similar But different. Not a clue Are all the machines like this? Would have had to been a ton of shavings while this was going on??
    Everything has to be Somewhere !!


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      Yes. Every lever has similar marks. It's not a manufacturering fault.


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        Close but no dice Mike. I'm guessing it's caused by the projection on the pin that secures the roller to the clutch lever. The clutch lever was so badly adjusted and ignored that the lever lowered far enough to contact the clutch release lever.

        The wear mark is consistent with the roundness of the projection pin and correspondes with that side of the release lever.

        Anyone else have a better scenario? Besides Aliens.......which would have been my second guess.


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          I think you have found the answer. That was my first thought. And Aliens was a close second! lol
          let me be myself


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            Originally posted by billman View Post
            I think you have found the answer. That was my second thought. And Aliens was my first lol
            Fixed,.........onya Bill


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              Yeah, I'm clickin' aliens too .... makes sense to me.


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                let me be myself


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                  aliens that use brunswick gray
                  If its still broken, guess it wasnt in the parts budget.



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