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    put a new pin gate strap on a lane and everything runs fine except it doesn't lock when it needs to only for the 5 pin. So if the deck needs 10 pins it drops them and it will index just fine. If it doesn't need them the gate will not lock so it just keeps wanting to put pins in the 5 pin chute . It locks like its supposed to for every pin but the 5 pin

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    Check that the turret cam is tight.


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      Why did you change the strap in the first place? Was it related to this problem?

      The pin gate operates independent of knowing which pin is being loaded so it's odd this is only showing up for the five pin. I would suspect it is happening elsewhere but, because of the timing of the turret, the pins flow over and fall into an empty spot on the turret and things keep going. It's only when the pins actually need to stop flowing is when you notice it.

      Watch as a pin rolls over the pin gate and pushes down on the pin gate. Make sure it knocks the pin gate latch link off of the roll pin in the pin gate latch. It's this action that locks the pin gate out. It could be the pin gate got bent or something is preventing the pin gate from rotating far enough to kick the link off of the roll pin to lock the latch out. If the link doesn't come off the roll pin the gate will allow pins to keep feeding. Like I said earlier, if this happens on pin other than the 5 pin you may not notice it since it will just allow the pin to flow over and into an empty spot in the turret.
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        As exM stated, check for binding &/or restrictions in the mechanism. You can get a lot from the "TroubleShooting Section" of manual # 12-752828 and manual # 12-900260 shows the illustrations more clearly but does Not have a Troubleshooting Section. See attached for the adjustment procedure.

        Adjust Pin Gate.pdf Adjust Pin Gate.docx

        ALL Files Scanned with MALWAREBYTES PREMIUM Version and AVAST INTERNET SECURITY Version 18.4.2338

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          May also want to look at this post. It has a lot of the common most used procedures in a few files. Preventative Maintenance - A Jets A2 - Pinsetter Procedures

          Everything has to be Somewhere !!


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            Ok talked to the mechanic that told me to put it on, we did pay someone to come up and look at the machines, and he told me to adjust the pin guide down so I will try that tomorrow in between the swimming pools. Also had a lane tonight that the deck cable pin came out. I will let you know how it all works out tomorrow. Thanks for all the help


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              I would take a close look at the roll pin. Sounds like it has a notch worn into....


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                Not sure why you change the strap but it could be that you adjusted it to high when you installed it jamming it into the pin in the latch. Backing it off may certainly solve the issue. Let us know what you find.


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                  Lowered the pin strap and it seems to have fixed the problem. Thanks


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