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Thoughts on Polymer Modular Pin Wheel


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  • Thoughts on Polymer Modular Pin Wheel

    I'm wondering what other people's opinions are on the Brunswick modular pin wheels. I have one installed and will be installing more. Just seems to me they aren't all they're cracked up to be (pun intended).

    The one I have installed has been in about a year. Seems every individual piece almost has a crack already down the center, and Everytime the cutouts for the bolts hit the guide rollers the whole thing shifts and comes back to the original position. Seems to be what's cause some pin guide jams I've been having.

    Any one else have and thoughts or horror stories of the modular pin wheels?

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    Waste of money.


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      Yeah they don't seem to be as "durable" as the brunswick books makes them out to be. They also don't seem to play well with the guide rollers.


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        The problem is that the sections for the hardware align at the wrong time with the guide rollers. A fix for this is to rotate one set of your guide rollers so they are on the top of the pin wheel versus the side. This will allow only one set of guide rollers to align with the sections for the hardware at a time which keeps the pin wheel far more stable. I have also been using the pocket stabilizers that Pinsetter Parts Plus sells. These seem to help the pin wheel turn truer, not crack near as fact, I haven't had a new crack appear on any pin wheel we have installed them on...and keeps pins from sticking in the pockets of the pin wheel. This style pin wheel has been known for this problem over the years since '86 or so when they came out but this kit seems to help quite a bit. Just my opinion though.

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          I flipped one of the guide rollers. I'll see how it runs tonight. I'll also have to look into those pocket stabilizers. Thanks for the advice. Always good to hear opinions from people who had the headaches long before I did.


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            holy crap is the mighty Steve
            If its still broken, guess it wasnt in the parts budget.



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                If at all possible, source yourself some solid one piece wheels and solve the problem permanently.


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                  House i am moonlighting at has a fiberglass shop repairing cracked/worn through sections, not sure how they wear yet, as
                  they have just started doing this. I like Steves' suggestion of the pocket stabilizers.
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                    I had 4 of them, bought in different years, that lasted several years with no cracks. I did flip the 10 side guide rollers and used the shorter spacers that came with the wheels. I never got any stabilizers so I can't comment on them.


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