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Preventative Maintenance - A Jets A2 - Jam Switches


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  • Preventative Maintenance - A Jets A2 - Jam Switches

    Checked the Turret and Deck Jam switches at a friend's center. All Turret Jam Switches worked mainly because someone had cut off and removed all the rubber dust boots. Deck Jam Switches were another thing however. 5 of 10 Did NOT work !! Did I mention they had recently replaced a 1:1 cover on a machine after a deck jam on one of the lanes that had a switch that did Not work? Removed all Deck Switches and replaced the boots. All work now. Simply removed the hinged part of the gearbox guard, (rake crank guard), removed the two nuts and pulled the switch being careful not to drop the spacers on the mounting screws. Rigged up a chain lift to raise the Turret for easy replacement of the Turret Jam Switch Boot. Lower machine to 270, turn off Main Breaker, UNPLUG Power Cord. Run chain around rake shaft and then hook a turret wire. You can then stand on pin deck, easily access turret switch, (Easily being a relative term), and replace the boot. Unplug motor, turn on machine and check operation of All Turret and Deck Jam Switches. Old boots were like an alligator's skin. In a pinch you can put a little brake fluid on them to soften them up but it only collects dirt and eventually dissolves the boot. When you look at the cost of a 1:1 replacement and down time, why not just replace the boot. They last 10 - 20 years before turning hard and preventing the switch from quickly working. When I find the first one getting slow, I just replace them all.

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    Micro Sw 1C.jpgMicro Sw 2C.jpgMicro Sw 3C.jpgMicro Sw 4C.jpgMicro Sw 5C.jpgMicro Sw 6C.jpg
    Everything has to be Somewhere !!

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    Excellent tips.

    Something I would like to add here. If you have the moving deck jam protection kits installed you cannot check the operation of the microswitch with the special tool.



    What I have done is use longer screws to hold the microswitch so all you have to do to check the switch is loosen the nuts off to the end of the screw thread then you can move the switch away from the button on the deck jam cable tube enough to be able to press and release the switch button to make sure it is working.



    This makes checking the switches a very easy procedure and by not having to remove the nuts from the end of the screws and take the switch right off you don't have to worry about dropping the small spacers between the switch and the 4:1 support.


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      Not a fan of the deck jam protection kit. In saying that, it does have a place when running at A2 speed.

      Thanks for the tips Carl.


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        Nice work Mike. What's the old saying about prevention being better than the cure?

        I like running a sacrificial pin in the deck jam tube where the maintenance staff are non existent or inexperienced.



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          Excellent ideas & info Carl & HP. I wonder if my tool could get around the added linkage ?? I can tell you it wasn't fun checking the Deck Jam switches on these rear wall machines. It is so easy when you have standard pinsetters. Probably explains why they were never checked. I'm also glad that we are all beginning to use a lot more pics & illustrations. Really helps for folks to see what we are talking about.

          Deck Jam Tool 1C.jpgDeck Jam Tool 2C.jpg

          ALL Files Scanned with MALWAREBYTES PREMIUM Version and AVAST INTERNET SECURITY Version 18.4.2338
          Everything has to be Somewhere !!


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