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Blowing 3.2 amp fuse


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  • Blowing 3.2 amp fuse

    Hello everyone, I've used some advice from previous threads to get me as far as I am with this issue, but I'm stuck again. I'm far from an electrical expert so please be patient with me. I have not worked on machines for years and was called in to try to resolve this particular issue.

    I have A machines with BOSS FlexScore.. No time delay or any other electronic triggering as the scoring systems MIU handles all of that.

    I received a phone call saying that a machine had been down for a couple weeks, and that a few different people have looked at it with no success. The story I got was that there was a "massive" jam(I'm guessing 10 on 10, perhaps). They said the jam was cleared but the machine never came back on. I just assumed the deck jam micro switch was still open... well, it wasn't. When I got to the center, I was told that the msr, contactor, and transformer had all been replaced and the machine still would not turn on.

    The first issue I found was the that was 3.2 amp fuse was blown. With the mgr control switch OFF, I replaced the fuse and it immediately blew as soon as the breaker was turned back on. I got the tester and started testing the TS2 switches. I was coming up with some crazy volt readings and eventually learned that the brown/tan wire of the transformer was hooked up to TS2-5 instead of TS2-4. So upon redirecting that wire to where it needed to be, I replaced the fuse. The machine DID turn on, but only ran for just about 10 seconds before blowing the new fuse. I then isolated the machine, even unplugging the reset solenoid, mag clutch, and 1hp motor(I do not know if that was necessary or not, but I was just trying to eliminate possibilities), and I also isolated it from the scoring system MIU. I again replaced the fuse and flipped on the breaker. The msr and contactor engaged and kicked on the pindeck light(nothing else since I unplugged everything) and wound up with the same result... after about 10-15 seconds, the 3.2 amp fuse flew again.

    At this point, I am out of fuses. I've just ordered some, so I will end up having a couple days of down time with this thing while I wait for the fuses.

    Does anyone know what may still be causing the fuses to blow, and where a good place may be to pick up and keep checking voltage? I don't know for sure why the machine stopped working to begin with, nor do I know if the jam that I was advised of actually played a part in this problem.

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    First replace that 3.2 fuse with a 3 amp breaker. The link is to one you can install, but get one you can hook in temporarily and then go back to a fuse if you want. Second check the wiring on all the parts that were replaced before you got there. Third open the electrical box of a nearby pinsetter with breakers off and/or drop cords unplugged on both, unplug all the 24 volt stuff on the other pinsetter the same as you have done with this one, and take some resistance readings. You should never take voltage readings to ground, but no-voltage resistance readings to ground when you are blowing fuses may show a wire chafed through and shorting to ground.

    As you already found out with one wire on TS2 the rewiring fairy sometimes visits pinsetters so don't assume that any wire going to the terminal it's supposed to be on means that other wires going there are also correct. You need to follow the whole circuit from where it gets power to the load and then check the resistance of the load. Motor start relay has nearly the same ohm reading as one on another pinsetter?


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      The other post was directed to the original poster who was having a different problem than you are. You can't use voltage measurements to track down a short/over current condition. Although the procedure to track this down is fairly simple, the post to find this problem could get long so I sent you a PM to set up a phone call if you want to walk through this. If not we can swap posts here. Either way.


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