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Preventative Maintenance A Jets A2 - Wobbling Pins on Respot


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  • Preventative Maintenance A Jets A2 - Wobbling Pins on Respot

    Pins were "Wobbling" on being re-spotted at friend's center - Lane 3. Sooo... should be a simple deck cable adjustment, (deck cable being too loose or 1, 2 or 3 of the 3 Deck Cables are failing). Buttttt... looking back at the history of poor maintenance, I take nothing for granted here and always try to look at everything. Just to review: when the Moving Deck Cam Follower transfers from the Moving Deck / Scissor Cam to the "Flag", (Moving Deck / Scissor Selector), it will allow the Moving Deck to shift slightly if the cable is too loose. This in turn "cocks" the pins in the scissors, when they are re-spotted, being "cocked" they wobble, sometimes falling over, (Weebles Wobble But They Never Fall Down LOL). Checked the Flag for slop & adjustment, (PIC 1 Blue & Green Arrow), checked the Scissor Cam follower and Bearing, (PIC 1 - Red/White Arrow), all were fine, lowered machine setting pins and UNPLUGGED Power Cord, checked all deck cables for fraying, they too were fine, removed deck cable from outer sheave to check the Deck Follower Bearing, (PIC 2 - Pink Arrow), it too was fine, put a wrench on the Deck Follower Shaft to check for tightness, it too was good, (PIC 3 – Purple & Orange Arrow). I like to check these bolts in this position with No Load on the shaft, if you break the bolt here, (because it was probably half cracked and ready fail), it is an easy fix. Went to re-wind deck cable to put it back on and noticed a slight bind in the shaft, yes... the Bastard Shaft !!!, (PIC 2 - Yellow Arrow). Bearings appeared good, lubed them up more even though they did not appear dry, no visible rust or chips, put deck cable back on. Plugged machine back in and ran it back up. Unplugged again and checked Scissors, Owwww... about 5 of them were supper tight against their stops !! Plugged in machine and ran a Scissor Cycle. I bring machine down on one pin, hold Rake Sweep Hook UP so rake Does NOT sweep and bring machine up slightly. Unplug Power, pull firmly on Scissor Cable turnbuckle to release pin and put it back in scissors Up Side Down. You now have plenty of free-play on Scissor Cable by pulling on top cable, (use a rag or gloves), so you can turn cable connector in turnbuckle. I then lengthened it by about 5/16". Rechecked Scissors, they were now good. Rechecked Bastard Shaft, slight bind was gone !! Buuttt... it gets better. Went to tighten deck cable, both cables were all the way in the turnbuckle !! Ugh... Removed Upper Deck Cable and compared it to a new one. It was about 1/2" longer. Replaced Upper Cable. Could now adjust deck cable properly. You can use the book procedure which is a good starting point but the bottom line is, you should have about equal clearance from the front of the pin to the Deck Chute and back of the pin to the Spotting Fingers as it cycles. If you are still getting a slight "Shift" on the Standing Pins Cycle, tighten the Deck cable a little more, just make sure the spotting fingers don't contact the back of the pin. This assumes deck has been checked for proper height and is level to pin deck, all deck rollers and spotting fingers are the same, you can tell this by how far they protrude out the bottom of the deck once the deck has shifted for a new spot, etc. etc. If you have brand new pins mixed with fairly old pins, good luck. Another quick way to check the deck cable initial adjustment is to look at the Geneva Roller, (Cam Bearing) position in the Geneva Plate, (Double Slotted Cam Plate) at 0 Degrees. The Bottom of the Bearing, (PIC 4 – Green Dot), should be even with the Flat, (PIC 4 – Red Line), of the Geneva Plate.

    All I can guess here is that someone adjusted Deck Cable Without releasing tension on it so as they turned one or both cable connectors, they were essentially "Unwinding" the cable making it "Longer" which negated most of the adjustment capability. Remember - Cables Do NOT Stretch, (They do but only by about 1% of their Total Length), which on a 3' cable is negligible, (they do "Unwind" however as the individual strands and bundles begin to break). Part of this is Structural Stretch which is taken up as the cable is placed under tension - about 1%. The other is Elastic Stretch which is how much the cable will elongate under load - usually around a 0.1 %, again negligible. The bottom deck cable is probably also unwound but we had more than enough to get a good adjustment by replacing the upper cable. Also, when a cable begins to Fail, individual strands break leaving a very painful "barb" on the cable. Run a rag along the cable, it will snag on all the barbs telling you it is time for replacement. When the connecting end begins to break, the cable will begin to "Unwind" leaving the appearance of a very "wavy" cable, again, replace. You can't see this on the lower deck cable, you have to position machine to inspect it where it makes the bend on the sheave which is a common failure point. When the deck cables unwind enough, pins will fall over on a new set or a re-spot. If the Upper Deck and Jam Tube Cables look good, the Lower Cable is Failing inside the tube. Scissor cables seem to rarely fail but a visual inspection of them is fairly easy. We checked Scissor Adjustment on two more machines. Both very tight and had to be loosened. May explain why owner regularly breaks scissor assemblies. We will check the rest of the house before Leagues start Tuesday.

    ALL Files Scanned with MALWAREBYTES PREMIUM Version and AVAST INTERNET SECURITY Version 18.4.2338

    Deck Cable Adjust 4M C.jpgDeck Cable Adjust 5M C.jpgDeck Cable Adjust 6M C.jpgDeck Cable Adjust 7M.jpg
    Everything has to be Somewhere !!

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    Can I have the readers digest version please.......

    Pins were wobbling on a respot cycle..... what was the end poblem?


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      Yeah, reads a llliitttttllllleeeeee long, LOL. When the moving deck shifts while respotting pins, it is because the moving deck cables are too loose.
      Everything has to be Somewhere !!


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        Originally posted by mickeygm View Post
        Yeah, reads a llliitttttllllleeeeee long, LOL. When the moving deck shifts while respotting pins, it is because the moving deck cables are too loose.
        More paragraphs would make it easier to read, Mike.

        A combination of my smart phone screen and tired eyes makes it difficult to read......


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          "We checked Scissor Adjustment on two more machines. Both very tight and had to be loosened. May explain why owner regularly breaks scissor assemblies. We will check the rest of the house before Leagues start Tuesday."

          Checked first 7 Lanes. All were super tight except Lane 6. 3 to 6 scissors were very tight against the stops. Lengthened scissor cables over 1/8" to 5/16". 6 was loose because both scissor cables were failing. Replaced both and readjusted. Then Lanes 8 to 10 were somewhat loose. It's like whomever was over tightening these cables stopped at lane 7. Shortened the last 3 about 1/16" to 1/8" and all were good.

          Used a small gear puller to push the knurled pin, (PIC 1 Red Arrow), out of the cable wheel, (Pic 1 Blue Arrow). It will also push the Upper Oilite Bearing Out, (PIC 1 Green Arrow). Used a small "C Clamp" to push pin back into wheel, and the same to push the Upper Oilite back in. Please Note ! there are many index # mistakes,(PIC 2), on this page as well as many throughout the various component depictions.

          ALL Files Scanned with MALWAREBYTES PREMIUM Version and AVAST INTERNET SECURITY Version 18.4.2338

          Scissor Assembly 2.jpgScissor Assembly 1.jpg
          Everything has to be Somewhere !!


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            I made a tool to push that pin out. Replacing it with an X pin makes it easier for next time.


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              Nice Mr.B ! And good point, an "X" pin is a lot easier.
              Everything has to be Somewhere !!


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                With the pins wobbling. Did you check the 1:1 during a cycle to see if it had any hesitations?


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