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    I have been away from pinsetters for a while but I need some help.
    Have a lane that will not cycle when the reset buttons are pressed(mechanics, ball return). But it runs through a cycle if you manually trip the machine.
    Cycle solenoid is getting power(210v)
    Swapped solenoids and plunger not stuck
    What should I look for next?
    like I said it's been a while so if it's in the electrical box, a location or description would help. Thanks!

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    Check the wire going from terminal 17 of the time delay module, and follow it to a wire nut on the low voltage side under the transformer.
    The wire nut is where the 2 reset button meet, then go to the time delay.


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      "Cycle solenoid is getting power(210v)"

      What do you mean by this. Where are you measuring it and under what circumstances. If you are measuring across the solenoid terminals when you press the reset and get voltage then the problem isn't electrical. Although 210v would be low.

      If that's the case, disconnect the solenoid from the bellcrank and see if the solenoid pulls in when the buttons are pressed. If it does then you have something sticking in the bellcrank preventing the latch from being pulled out. The low voltage could be causing a weak pull so double check your voltage measurement.


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        And what power is supplied to your machines? 208, 220, 230, or 240 ?
        Everything has to be Somewhere !!


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          220v is supplied. 210v is machine on no buttons pressed


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            Where are you measuring 210 VAC at? Do you use a time delay module (tdm)? If your using a tdm, then there should be 120 volts to ground from either solenoid terminal to ground WITH NO BUTTONS PRESSED. WITH NO BUTTONS PRESSED, you should have 0 VAC between the two terminals of the solenoid. This doesn't mean there isn't voltage at the solenoid, just that there is no difference of potential between the two terminals so if you read 0 volts and you touch the terminals, you will get a shock. This is because the tdm only switches one side of the 240 volts supplied to the solenoid. If you use a relay instead of a tdm, then it is possible the relay switches both legs of the 240 volt supply in which case you wold get 0 volts at all points of the solenoid with no buttons pressed. Knowing what your equipment is helps us troubleshoot your problem.

            On a tdm, there should be 240V between tdm terminals 19 and 20 with no buttons pressed. When you press the buttons, the voltage between 19 and 20 should drop to 0 V because the voltage would then be dropped across the solenoid when it actuates. (Again, this 0 volts doesn't mean there is no voltage, just that there is no voltage potential difference) If this is the case then your high side voltage should be good and the solenoid should trigger when you place a jumper between 19 and 20. (This is high voltage so be careful) If you are able to trigger the machine by jumping 19 and 20 then the problem is in the low voltage side or the tdm itself which we can help you track down.

            It's important to state where you are placing the probes when taking voltage readings. Taking readings from a given point to different secondary points will result in different readings so where you are measuring the voltage is important. For example, refer back to the first paragraph. When you measure voltage at the solenoid with no buttons pressed, you get 0 volts between the two terminals yet you get 120 volts between either terminal and ground. So if someone says "I measured 0 volts at the solenoid", we can't determine if the solenoid is getting power or not unless we know where they are measuring voltage to. If they measured between the two terminals then we would expect 0 volts but that doesn't mean there isn't power to the solenoid. But if they measured between a terminal and ground, we would expect to see 120 V and so their statement would tell us they aren't getting power from one leg of the supply. With no buttons pressed, the only place in the cycle solenoid circuit you should get 240 volts is between terminals 19 and 20 of the tdm.

            Hope this makes sense. If not, post back and I'll post a wiring diagram of the circuit to help clarify.


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              After looking at another machine, got it to work. Turns out they had the time delay wired wrong. Had the wire for 14 plugged into terminal 15. Thanks for the suggestions!


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