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Cross Conveyor Problems


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  • Cross Conveyor Problems

    Good afternoon everyone!

    I am having an issue with the cross conveyer on one specific lane. The speed of the belts slows down on occasion which is causing turn pan jams. It doesn't do it consistently, but sporadically.
    Could that be a general tension issue or could there be another underlying cause?

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    Yes, If there isn't enough tension on the CC belts or CC drive belt the CC can stop. To see where the slippage is occurring just push down on a pin as it travels up the conveyor.

    If the two conveyor belts stop and the drive belt doesn't you'll need to tension the two conveyor belts. To tension, If you don't have idler pulleys under the CC, all you need to do is loosen the two 5/16" bolts under the rear of the CC between the rear pulley and use channel lock pliers against the head of one of the bolts at the the rear of the CC bottom plate. Lever and squeeze the pliers to increase the tension then tighten the opposite bolt, then the other.

    If the drive belt is slipping you may just have the incorrect length drive belt or it could simply be worn. The tension is dictated by the length of the pinwheel belt and the length of the CC drive belt. Also make sure the two idler pulleys that guide the belt spin freely, they are often neglected because of their location.
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      It's rare, but I've seen the bearings freeze or go bad in the bottom drive pulley which will eventually totally stop the conveyor. When you are doing the tension adjustment James referred to, totally loosen the belts first and check the pulley bearings for any binding, then tighten the belts. Yo may also need to loosen the "J" Bolts slightly to get the bottom pulley to pivot. Also if the ball wheel belt is bad or improperly tensioned, the whole elevator assembly will slow down. That should be pretty obvious though as every thing slows down.
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        We have had problems like that and it has been the cross conveyor drive belt worn out, bearing in one of the pulleys dragging, and on our model As, the ball track (on the even lane) rubbing up against the cross conveyor idler pulley, and sometimes crud built up in the cross conveyor pulleys.


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          Check for a bad idler pulley on the CC drive belt.
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            i would with out a doubt check the tenison


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              Just an FYI regarding the pulleys at the front end of the cross conveyor-if you have to replace one of those pulleys, and you're putting on a new pulley, check to see if it is the same diameter as the one you're replacing. I worked at a center with older machines that had the black pulleys and had to replace one of those with a new silver pulley. I couldn't get the belt on the side with the new pulley to tighten up properly. Checked and found that the new pulley was slightly smaller in diameter than the old one. So, I replaced the other black pulley on that machine with another new one and kept that black one as a spare. Don't know if anyone else has come across this, but to your issue with the belt tension, if one of those 2 pulleys has been replaced recently, could be that the problem is with the new pulley.
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