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Preventative Maintenance Brunswick Japanes Factory A2s Wobbling Pins


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  • Preventative Maintenance Brunswick Japanes Factory A2s Wobbling Pins

    Friend called from my old original house in the 70s. Various pins would fall on a new set about every 3 cycles. He had already changed deck cables even though they were good thinking they may have stretched. I explained that they don't really stretch, (at most about 1%), But they do UNwind as the strands begin to break causing them to get longer and then problems develop. Deck cam follower bearing and shaft bolt good, no play in 1:1, scissors OK, moving deck support rollers good, spotting fingers & rollers good. However, various pins would be cocked sometimes between the roller and the fingers when the deck makes its original shift at the start of the new set. Then when they are set down on the deck they obviously wobble and sometimes fall over. Never the same # pin. Found that as the the deck approached the most backward position, it was "soft". In other words, it would never touch the rear stop pins with the deck cable off. I realize this does not affect the initial setting or the cocked pin problem. We found the hard deck pads, (I believe they are called "Hot Shots"), were rubbing against the stationary frame when the deck shifted. We ground off the pads and replaced all front 6 pads. The rear row is not a problem. Pics enclosed. That took care of that problem. He had removed one Geneva Plate as he thought it might be binding. I stated we will need to take some measurements to see if the shaft is twisted. These are 90,000 Japanese machines. Found the deck tilted about 5/16". Corrected with the stabilizers and mounting feet set screws. Set height to 7/8" per procedure. Pins still wobbling. Noticed all pins were very dirty with a lot of grease marks on the bellies. The pit carpets have a urethane cover over them which was extremely dirty and full of oil. Cleaned the pins, carpet cover, curtain, cross conveyor, spotting fingers, buckets, turn pan, pin wheel. Ran about 15 new set cycles. No problems. Go figure. But, by the time the 15 cycles were completed, the pins were already showing signs of grease contamination. Told him, he should have one of his pinchasers, fully clean the machine, run it and clean it over and over until the pins remain clean. The pins on All the other machines are virtually spotless. Any other thoughts appreciated.

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    Are the Hot Shot deck pads installed around the wrong way? Like all deck pads, the cutouts should be at the back, not the front. A lot of people over the years seem to have made the mistake of believing the cutouts have something to do with the spotting fingers but they don't - they're to stop the pads hitting the stationary deck when the moving deck retracts.

    Not really a major issue (but still wrong) with 'soft' pads but since the Hot Shots are solid they won't 'compress' if they hit the stationary deck.

    Edit: is the picture showing one of the pads you've ground off? That one was obviously installed the correct way (with the cutout at the back) but are all 10 pads installed the correct way around? Doesn't really matter about the back row but I always install those the same as the rest since there is usually a small flat spot at the front of the pads to stop any issues with pins in the deck buckets touching the fronts of the pads.


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      Other than Carl's suggestion I can only think of a deck chute bolt that's just started to rub on the stationary deck.
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        Thanks Carl, good point. Yes they were all installed correctly with the "Flat Spot" to the front. The mechanic knew that. When the deck wouldn't go all the back to the stops, we found the pads hitting. After grinding the front six, it now firmly hits the stops. It was about a 1/4" in front of them before grinding. And thanks James, forgot to mention in the original post, that was one of the first things I checked. All bolts are tight. Granted these have the "soft" 1:1 cams and run at Jet Back speed so the shift is slightly more gentle. I've seen some pretty dirty machines that don't have this problem. As I stated, once we cleaned the pins, the problem cleared up ????
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