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Electrical box issues


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  • Electrical box issues

    Hey guys,
    I need help with the electrical box on an A2 240V machine. I am currently without a head mechanic so any advice would be GREATLY appreciated.
    I was told by one of my Jr mechanics that this issue started when the transformer came loose and grounded out…. that person then tried to help me out by moving wires EVERYWHERE.
    I have changed the transformer, contactor,capacitor and 1amp fuse holder . This machine has been re-wired and is mirrored to my machine next to it
    I currently have the pin deck light, magnetic clutch and all motors unplugged from this machine. When I turn the machine on the contactor will chatter. I changed the contactor and it will still chatter.
    Per a comment in bowl tech I unplugged both of the A/C leads to the silicon rectifier and the contactor will stay closed.
    I then tried to install a selenium rectifier with spade connections. It was not soldered (old style black one about 4 inches long) writing on the side of this rectifier is: cs2605, cougar 79.
    When I installed the selenium rectifier the contactor will close normally, however the rectifier gets REALLY hot after being on for 5-15 seconds.

    again any advice would be helpful, thank you in advance.

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    Just going through your post, I would go back and double check all your wiring connections again. You said you have the clutch unplugged so with the clutch removed from the circuit, there is no path for current flow in that system. In this case it should make no difference if the rectifier is in circuit or not so if you are having trouble with the rectifier getting hot with the clutch unplugged then you have a wire in the wrong place or you damaged a rectifier. Get everything else working and then put the rectifier in.

    There are several things that can cause the contactor to chatter. The first thing is to see if the msr is chattering. Since the contactor gets it's power through the msr, if the msr is chattering then the contactor will chatter. So check the msr to make sure it is pulling in solid. Which contactor are you using?

    The motor won't make the contactor chatter. The chatter is caused by an interruption of power to the coil of the contactor whereas the motor connects to the contacts of the contactor. However, some systems have the motor overload control the power to the contactor so an overheated motor will shut off the contactor but it's unlikely this will cause the chatter as the overloads don't react that fast.

    I would start by reconnecting everything except the rectifier. If the machine turns on and runs (except the pin wheel) under this condition then you will likely find your problem in the wiring to the rectifier. If the contactor still chatters, then look at the msr and see if it is chattering. If the msr is chattering then you have an issue with the low voltage supplied to the msr. If that's the case then measure the voltage between TS2-6 and TS2-9. This should be around 24 to 26 VAC.

    Again, I suspect you have a wire on the wrong terminal so double check that and check the things above and let us know what you find and we can decide where to go next.


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      Everything exM said is as always spot on. I would add, Do NOT unplug the Magnetic Clutch while it is energized as this can also damage the Rectifier.
      Everything has to be Somewhere !!


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        I had a problem once with a contractor chattering away. Someone from this website suggested I check the Jam switches to make sure they aren't being tripped even if just barely. Long story short, it was the turret Jam microswitch out of adjustment. Quick way test this is by standing on the cat walk and lifting up on the turret assembly.
        Hope that helps (and is accurate memory is known to fall me) good luck!


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          thank you guys. i will work on these suggestions and get back with everyone


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