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Trouble Replacing Masking Unit Switches


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  • Trouble Replacing Masking Unit Switches

    Hey, guys; this is my first post on this website, and I hope it's in the right spot since, although my center has A2 pinsetters, I guess that's not really related to the masking unit.

    Anyway, I have two lanes with masking unit switches that are a little unreliable. We only ever open the masking unit switches to test them, preferring to use the rear switches or breakers most of the time. But, when we test them every month, two of them take several tries to turn the machine back on (we've accordingly stopped testing those two).

    They're both wired correctly and securely, so we think they just need to be replaced, but we don't know who installed our masking unit and can't seem to find anywhere to buy new making unit switches. We have considered just using toggle switches like on the pinsetters, and, since we don't actually use them, we've also hesitantly toyed with the idea of just removing them permanently and having the circuit bypass that switch.

    What do you guys do when your masking switches stop working? Does anyone know where to get new ones? Do you just use toggle switches? I'd appreciate any advice you guys can offer me; than you!

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    Welcome to Bowltech WHBIII.

    We really need to know what masks you have. If you can post a picture of the switch/masks someone may be able to identify them and give you a part number for a local supplier. Having said that, most masks that I've worked with just use toggle switches like the rear mechanics switches.
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      It's only 24v any switch will do the job. Take the one thats not working down to your local electrical distributor and ask for something that is the same or equivalent.


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