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A2 Cant get any power to turn on the machine.


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  • A2 Cant get any power to turn on the machine.

    I have a machine that was running good, and all of a sudden it shut off at zero, I have put new TDM and tested all my micro switches they all test good. If I push down on the MSR I get power, When I try and use the power switches I don't get anything. I've tested the masking unit switch and that's even good. I've pulled all the cannon plugs to make sure there wasn't a short, I do have the mail cannon plug bridged from A-B and still no power. I need it by Thursday night and I'm lost as where do to. the only other thing that I think that can be wrong is there's not any power doing to the MSR... Please HELP!!!!

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    Did you check your fuses?


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      yes all good


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        You can do an advanced search using key words electrical, no power to pinsetter, ect. Also look at this post: Electrical brain dump

        exM has posted tons of good troubleshooting info across various posts. You can place his name in the advanced search also.
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          Buried in the tech reference is also a good checklist by Ross.
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            The below is always a good place to start. Check for 24 VAC on the secondary first (step 1 below). If you have that then the high side is likely good. If you can't get the 24 VAC then check your 1 amp fuse. Make sure to check you fuses with a meter and don't just look at them. That can be deceiving.

            If you get the 24 VAC on the secondary, then the below should allow you to track the problem down in just a few minutes. I'm not sure how you tested your switches but if you just do an ohm test on them it sometimes doesn't show real problems because all the ohm meter needs is a small connection and may not show bad connections. The below will help diagnose wiring problems as well as component problems.

            If your msr is NOT energising then do this:

            Place one meter lead on TS2-9 and leave it there. Set meter to 24 VAC.

            Use the other meter lead to test at the following points.

            1) TS2-6 - 24VAC good. 0 VAC bad fuse or transformer possibly broken wire.
            2) TS2-5 - 24VAC good. 0 VAC mechanics switch problem
            3) TS2-3 - 24VAC good. 0 VAC turret jamb switch problem
            4) TS2-3 - 24VAC good. 0 VAC deck jamb switch problem
            5) msr terminal G - 24VAC good. 0 VAC mask switch, managers control switch, scoring controller, tdm safety switch.

            What type of tdm do you have? The newer ones have a lockout that will shut the machine down if the rake drops to slow or something blocks it.

            If you get to step 5 and still haven't found the problem, post back and we'll have to look further.


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