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a2 rebuilds swop out


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  • a2 rebuilds swop out

    thinking about buying an a2 rebuilt and start swapping them out take lane one and install rebuilt, rebuild it swap it out with lane 2 and so on till all 24 lane have been rebuilt
    i had one old timer that said it would not work do to them being in one place for so long that they or formed to that set up ( 40 plus years )
    would this work or should i rebuild them where they are?

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    Current doesn't care how long the circuit's been there. Swap em out if you want to. It will still work. Although I'm not sure there's a lot of benefit doing it that way but it may save you some down time if your not comfortable right away. It depends on how deep your going into the system and what all your replacing. Not having to bend over while on the machine may be cause enough but that depends on what your comfortable with.

    Edit: Guess I better verify what your talking about swapping. Electrical, gear box, turret????


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      Really depends on how deep or extensive you are looking at getting into this. Not to mention the current condition of the setup. It is certainly possible to go one machine at a time, feasible or cost effective is another story.


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        My suggestion would be to swap out and rebuild the various assemblies: turret, deck, pit conveyor, pit cushion, etc....even the electrical...

        start with the “problem children”, amazing how much better the center will run as you work your way across....


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          The too long in 1 place is bogus ignore that guy. Everything can be swapped
          The older the part, the STRONGER it is.


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