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  • No long stroke

    Okay guys, been a while but i am back and heres my issue.
    Had 3 machines that weren't running at all, 2 down 1 to go.
    this machine does not make a long stroke, the holding hook remains down in the waiting for second ball and then holding, telling me the machine is in second ball. However pins do not release from the turret at 180 because the right blocking finger controlled by the deck cam follower doesnt lift. Heres the interesting part, the deck doesnt stop anyways at 180 and never cycles past the height for detecting or re spotting never setting pins... only other repair to this machine (converted) since i returned at 830 this morning is a new reset lever. You tell me

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    Remove the drip pan under the gearbox and tell us if it changes anything.


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      You've got a lot going on there but frankly I wouldn't worry about most of it just yet. The fact that the turret won't drop pins and the machine not stopping at 180 are likely side effects of the main problem. When the deck completes a long stroke, the extra rotation of the deck lift shaft will hit the hook latch and release the long link which will then allow the interlock to raise out of the way and the turret can now drop pins into the moving deck. Since your not making the long stroke, none of that can happen so for now I wouldn't worry about that part.

      Check the strike cam follower and make sure it is NOT being blocked out on the second ball at 90 degrees by the strike selector. With the deck held up on the holding hook at 90 degrees second ball the the strike selector should rotate out of the way of the strike cam follower and allow it to follow the low dwell of the selector cam. So in other words, at 90 degree on the second ball with the deck held up, the strike cam follower should be on the low dwell of the selector cam. This rotates the "D" shaft and moves the deck lowering hook selector to block out the deck lowering hook to allow it to make the long stroke at 270 degrees.

      You should be able to see this looking into the top of the detector. If the strike selector is instead blocking the strike cam follower preventing it from dropping to the low dwell, then you need to make a detector rod adjustment.

      Check your deck lowering hook latch adjustment also.

      If your strike cam follower is dropping to the low dwell and the deck lowering hook selector is blocking the deck lowering hook, then you probably have something in the link to the deck lowering hook that is preventing it from moving out of the way so the deck can make a long stroke.


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        Here is what the strike cam follower and associated components should look like at 90 degree second ball with deck held up. Notice the full counter clockwise rotation of the detector disk because the deck is held up. If the detector isn't correctly adjusted this rotation may not be sufficient to allow the strike controller to rotate the strike selector out of the way of the strike cam follower. Try pushing the detector rod up slightly in that case to get more rotation. The projection on the strike controller has to clear the blocking surface on the detector disk. Do this in small increments.

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