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Ball damage on shaker


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  • Ball damage on shaker

    Ok guys so I have a weird one here. I have balls being damaged on the shaker board. The ball comes through behind the pit cushion and just sits on the shaker and gets scuffed up by the metal lip that holds the shaker in place. The board has new carpet and new cover. It's like the ball just refuses to go on to the ball wheel. Ball wheel is seated on both lower rollers and shaker is in proper position. No idea what's going on.
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    Update. The ball starts to go up the ball wheel and is kicked back out. Sits behind pit cushion but will not move back to ball wheel.


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      Sounds like rods aren't properly aligned with ball wheel.
      IF they are, then the rods themselves aren't adjusted properly height wise or the clapper box parts are worn/loose.


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        It sounds like you have the wrong rubber strip on the bottom side of the shaker at the clamp section. There are four or five different thickness strips for different boards types. find a thinker rubber strip and install it.


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          So I shimmed up the pit assembly on the lane side and adjusted the sbe. Seems to be working now. Just don't understand why it would start this out of nowhere.


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            "Just don't understand why it would start this out of nowhere." Because it can LOL. Seriously, I like to see the rear clamping plate a good 1/4" Above the front edge of the ball wheel to insure a good transfer, (Manual calls for 3/16"). I also raise the front up as high as possible within USBC specs. I substitute the front grommets with those from the accelerator and supplement with washers to raise it as much as possible. Just be sure the pit cushion is adjusted properly and the ball clears under it if you do this. Make sure the pit board is level also. I also modified the clapper screw so that it doesn't wear into the bottom support, (Pic 1). I then force a ball into just lifting the ball rods and set the gap between the modified screw and bottom support to about 1/8". This is only a starting dimension. Watch how various weight balls transfer and go from there.

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              Started cutting the lip out years ago...


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