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Motor Contactor freaking out


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  • Motor Contactor freaking out

    Hey guys, A2 electrical is not my strong suit. I'll put that out there first. I got a machine that will run well for a good portion of the day (right now, it made it through about 2.75 rounds of league) and then I'll get a blackout call. And it is a blackout, deck light is off when I get to it. Giving it a thump on the control box used to be enough to have it kick back on again. Now it flutters a bunch and doesn't turn back on. I got it back on during league by cycling main power to the machine, leaving it disconnected for a minute or two, which may have just been a coincidence.

    - I have already swapped out the deltrol contactor for another new one. Wasn't until my boss pointed out that the deck light being off means it probably wasn't the contactor.
    - I've also swapped out the cube in the motor start relay for a new one as well.

    Just looking for ideas where to start poking around. Forgot to mention, the motor has a built in reset. There's no overload in the control box.

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    A lot of times when you get this kind of rapid cycling of the machine electrical, it can be traced back to the turret jam switch. If it's slightly out of adjustment, the vibration of the machine can cause it to flicker on and off. Adjust the switch and see if it solves your problem

    You also cannot rule out a bad connection, connector or even a broken wire. Jiggle the wires and see if you can get the problem to duplicate itself. Also take a screw driver to the TS2 and TS1 terminal screws to make sure they are all tight. Be sure to shut the power off when touching the bare terminals.

    Post back if the problem persists.


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      Yep, I would look at both the deck jam and turret jam switch. it doesn't take much for the turret jam switch adjusting bolt to wear to make it blink or shut off and on.
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        I had done a quick check on the jam switch when it first started occuring, but I'll admit I didn't dig too far into the jam switches, In panic mode during league trying to get the thing to turn back on, and remain on haha. I'll have some time tonight finally to dig into this machine. Thanks for the input guys.


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          Originally posted by Slinky0316 View Post
          Giving it a thump on the control box used to be enough to have it kick back on again.
          Lmao, man they don't make em like they used too. I remember banging on the sides of TV's and computers and sometimes it helped! But now adays, banging your tablets on the table would just get you a cracked screen.
          As for the problem, I had this happen to me one night. I got the same advice exmech gave you about the turret switch and it WAS spot on!
          Good luck to you!


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