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Newer Decks breaking more often?


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  • Newer Decks breaking more often?

    I've noticed that the higher a serial number a deck has the more cracks and chunks missing it has. Compared to my decks from the 50's (serial 3,000 to 5,000) they seem terrible. Is this a common issue? Do the newly manufactured decks from Brunswick have the same issues? If so I think it's worth it to find an older deck.
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    The older decks were thicker sand cast units.
    The newer decks are die cast.
    Brunswick will say the newer die cast units are strong, but give me the old school sand cast units anyday.

    PS. I have 30 sand cast moving decks (from the 1950s), and 2 die cast moving decks.


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      Newer decks are a lot weaker. And at $3500 you prolly can’t afford a new deck. Buy used old one
      The older the part, the STRONGER it is.


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        For my money, the Brunswick machine peaked after the 50,000 series number and before the introduction of the A2.


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          I have one diecast deck installed 20 years ago. I have had no problems with it. Oh crap, hope I didn't jinks myself.


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            The higher serial number machines are made out of tin cans I have 109000 serial number machines and the metal in them is not as strong as the older stuff. Its like comparing a tank to a tin can.


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              If you correctly adjust/test your jam switches regularly, add the DJ protection kit and not run at factory A2 speed they should last. We have a mixture and have only had a break at a rib and a spotting finger due to poor maintenance.
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                completely agree older decks are way better than the new die cast. always look for older ones when I need to replace


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                  Have 109000 serial number machines these decks crack if you look at them the wrong way . Brunswick took a tank and turned it into a tin can. Have to make sure you are not getting a lot of jams and that micro switches work.My previous center had 57000 serial number machines and in 37 years I did not have a cracked deck.


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                    Older decks are way better IMHO.
                    * this space left blank intentionally *


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