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  • jap box to american box

    have a jap box that we have changed out to American and have tried running it comes on and can run a cycle or two and we shut it off thought we where done sitting at the bench and al of a sudden we see smoke coming from transformer pulled power and stopped smoking beside rebuilding the box should we rebuild the front ball return or masking unit (deck lights have been converted to led and have gotten rid of the ball return by the machines and went gravity feed ) been doing a lot of reading on the form hear and what I can tell is the jap box had a 50hrtz transformer and we have rebuild the new box with a 60hrtz transformer for the American box . do I need to drop back to a 50hrtz transformer
    we have rebuilt 6 boxes so far this is the first one that has given us any problems

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    What else did you change in the box besides the transformer? I'm curious because we have both in our centers and I didn't know that abt the transformer.


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      Also why are you converting to Americans? Little curious as to how you're doing it too.


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        The front ball lift doesn't get it's power from the machine. It gets a 24 VAC signal from the machine to energise a relay to turn the lift on. You shouldn't need to do anything at the ball lift.

        You also shouldn't need to do anything to the mask unit or change the ball lights. Both the Japanese and US machines used a 24 VAC secondary.

        Your profile shows you are in Texas so you definitely want to use the 60 Hz transformer and other components. 60 Hz is standardised across the US. You want to match the machine to the power grid.

        Since the machine was off when it apparently started to smoke, I would suspect the primary side of the transformer which is the high voltage side. Most likely you have something wired into the wrong spot. I say this because you apparently burnt up the transformer without blowing a fuse. This shouldn't happen. Go back and check your wiring to make sure everything is in place. This doesn't fully eliminate the problem on the secondary, just seems less likely.

        Some things to note when going from 50 Hz to 60 Hz components. You can run 50 Hz equipment on 60 Hz power supply but it isn't really recommended. Many components are dual frequency (50/60 Hz) which are ok to run at either frequency. If your going to change out the box then make sure the new components are all 60 Hz or dual frequency. This includes contactors, relays, pin lights etc. Don't mix and match components you just don't know what's going to happen.

        One thing people sometimes forget about is the motor. If you change everything else to 60 Hz, you should also change the motor. A 50 Hz motor running on a 60 Hz system will run faster so at the very least you should change the pulleys to bring it back down to speed. They may also run hotter and the motor thermal overload will need to be recalculated and changed or you run the risk of the motor failing because the thermal overload didn't open.

        Finally, check the voltage rating of the components to make sure you have the correct voltage, current and frequency ratings.

        Again, double check your wiring. That's the more likely the issue rather than components.

        I think I got all your questions but post back if you need more help. Good luck.


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          MStakes: Not all Japanese machines have the 50 Hz transformer and components. About half of Japan has a 50 Hz power grid while the other has a 60 Hz power grid so it depends on where your machines came from. Your equipment should be marked with the equipment specifications.


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