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  • New Transformer Issue

    Hey everyone! I have a2 230 volt machines. I installed a new transformer and checked the voltage between the yellow and blue low voltage side and I’m not getting any reading. If I just test one wire to ground it’s reading 12 volts, but when I test them across each other-nothing. I made sure H1 and H4 were correct and not sure if it’s the way I’m testing or bad transformer. I should be reading 24 volts but for some reason it’s not. Any ideas? Thanks

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    The a/a2 transformer has an isolated secondary which means none of the secondary wires should be tied to ground thus isolating it completely from the primary side. If you are getting a voltage to ground on the secondary then you have a wiring issue or the transformer is bad. Disconnect all the wires from the secondary and then test each to ground with none of them connected to anything. If you are still getting a voltage to ground, then either you got a non isolating transformer or the transformer is bad.

    You could also test this with this with the power off by again making sure the secondary wires are disconnected from everything and using an ohm meter to test for continuity to ground. You should get infinite ohms. If you get anything else, the transformer is bad.

    Hopefully it's a wiring issue and when you disconnect the transformer the voltage to ground goes away. In that case you have a wire shorting to ground somewhere. But since you are only getting 12 volts to ground makes me suspicious. If a wire was shorting to ground you should read 24 volts still.

    1) Which wire is showing you voltage to ground?
    2) What do the other wires show?
    3) Is your meter set to AC or DC?

    We can help you find the problem but we have to find out if the transformer is bad first so check that and post back.


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      Thanks!...I will check it tomorrow and post back. I did find it odd that I was getting little voltage to ground. I have meter set to AC. And orange and tan were showing the same...


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