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  • Timing marks

    Has anyone ever seen a 4-1 gear that doesn't have a timing mark for lining it up with the 2-1?
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    Nope, never.

    Is this from a machine in service or a spare part?


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      I have never seen a gear without the timing mark(s).

      I have seen the 4-1 gear installed backwards before.
      I wont say who installed it that way. XD


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        Guy in another center asking for help. Had a blown 2-1 and tried to change it. Claimed there was no mark on the 4-1. A machines.
        If you think my girlfriend can fight, you should see her box!


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          I did have one on the 3000 machines that did not have the marks. I would always paint the gear markings with usually a yellow for the double marks and white or red for the single mark to make them easier to see on reassembly. There were a number of odd things on these machines, worst one was the holes for the clutch worm shaft bearing retainer plate were machined about 1/8" off IN the Gearbox. I brought in a machine shop. They machined a new retainer plate, used transfer pins to accurately mark the proper position of the holes, then machined the retainer plate with the "Offset" holes and case hardened it. The oil seal was now centered properly around the spacer and the deluge of leaking oil stopped. The guy before me had made the holes oblong to make it work somewhat but this cured the problem completely.
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            Perhaps the gearbox was not at zero degrees when 2:1 was pulled.
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              God only knows. I know it has to be out of time now because he tells me it is shifting at the wrong point. I'm going to stop by and give him a hand. My concern was if the gear is missing its timing mark.
              If you think my girlfriend can fight, you should see her box!


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                I'm towards its a spare unit with gear on backwards.


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