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Rake still having issues after doing all of the adjustments from the Pinsetter Manual


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  • Rake still having issues after doing all of the adjustments from the Pinsetter Manual

    We have a lane that the rake is out of sync with the rest of the machine. We replaced the shock absorber assy for the rake with a brand new assy. We also rebuilt the shotgun, and have done all of the adjustments by the book. We checked the rake holding hook for wear (it seemed completely fine), and replaced the block that it connects with.
    The rake does not latch on to the hook when it is supposed to, and the rake immediately drops after rising back up at 0 degrees. Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated!

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    Check the condition of the rake sweep hook cam follower in the detector. Bearing on the end may be bad. Make sure the block for the rake sweep hook that you changed is installed correctly. It isn't a squared off block but has more of a trapezoid shape and must be orientated the right way. The rake drop at 0 is a gap too close between the bearing on the shot gun and the trip rod lever. I would go over all the rake adjustments again carefully.


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      The problem with the book adjustments for the rake are that they aren't in the correct order. Steve came up with a better, more thorough procedure that's proven it's worth.
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        I use Steve's procedure too. Not only are the steps in the correct order but the method is easier.


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          I see you have A2s therefore you have shotguns. My guess on the rake dropping is that the shotgun is being tripped. Disconnect it until you get the other problems sorted out.
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