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Preventative Maintenance Brunswick A, Jets, A2 Deck Jam or Waiting Pins


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  • Preventative Maintenance Brunswick A, Jets, A2 Deck Jam or Waiting Pins

    One machine at the Rear Wall House is getting one deck jam or waiting pins every couple of days. The 3 pin is missing from the previous set and then the jam occurs. The culprit pin is found in between the deck shield and moving deck at the 3-pin spot. Sometimes it is hanging up-side-down from the turret wires and the turret support arms at the 3-pin spot stopping the turret. Checked turret belt tension, pin gate and micro switch operation, pedal tension. Could it be making it up the cross conveyor up-side-down ?? When this has happened in the past, you usually find the pin laying across the top of the turret and snubber head first ??

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    It could be dropping the pins into the deck to late once the deck has lowered. Have you shortened the restricted drop interlock tension spring?
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      Forgot to indicate that. Yes, that was the first thing I checked. Tks James.
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        Rear wall will complicate this but if you can get nine pins in the turret, run a first ball cycle until the deck reaches out of range height, turn pinsetter off, put a pin in the turret center chute, and force the restricted drop finger up, you can watch the pins fall and see if the three strikes the edge of the deck chute or bounces high from the deck roller.


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          Thanks for the tip Mr.B, I will try that. I already have rotated the #3 bucket as it was NOT accepting the pin very well at normal dump height. Rotated the chute more towards the #1 bucket. Also did my wire bending trick. I open up the top of the wire by bending it. It allows me to "Tighten" the upper part of the turret wire to keep the head from recoiling out while opening up the "Belly" portion for good pin clearance. This really doesn't apply here but I did it to all the wires. I realigned all the wires to properly sit on the spoons and checked the dropping into the buckets. They looked good. What's got me stumped is the #3 pin caught up-side-down between the #3 pin wires and the right turret support arm??

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