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lane resetting on its own


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  • lane resetting on its own

    First off I am not experienced enough to work on major problems, I can handle alot of the maintenance on the machines but this one has got me stumped. I manage a small 10 lane house in a town of 2800 so I have to cook,start lanes and make ball calls. We took over about 8 months ago and have avoided any real problems but this one has been a problem for a week now. My mechanic who is near to returning full time cannot get to it because of him finishing his other job. I need some help to point me in the right direction.

    The problem I have been dealing with is lane 1 will reset on its own. We throw a ball down it cycles and sets the pins for the 2nd shot then 5 seconds or so later it will come down and sweep and put down a new set. It only happens when you throw a ball. I am looking for any help I can get and it is very much appreciated.

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    As always these come down to the question if it's electrical or mechanical. From your description, I'm going to lean towards electrical for now and we'll see if we can firm that up a little more.

    You say the machine sets the pins then waits 5 seconds and then takes off again. This can truly be either but tell us this.

    1) After the machine respots pins, does the clutch come to a stop when the machine returns to 0 or does it just keep going. Even a brief stop of the clutch would drive me further towards electrical. If it stops at 0 at all, then it's likely the clutch is resetting before being triggered again. If it doesn't stop at all then the stop lever isn't coming under the clutch lever and that would likely be mechanical and we could track that down from there.

    2) If it's electrical, the place to start would be to look at the solenoid as the machine starts to respot pins up and until it gets back to 0. What you are looking for here is the solenoid being triggered and causing the machine to start a new cycle even after it has stopped at the end of first ball cycle or the solenoid staying triggered after the first time.

    5 seconds is a probably a rough estimate on your part but could be a clue. If you look at the machine from the bowlers perspective, 5 seconds then it may look like the machine is restarting but in reality some of this time is spent travelling back to 0. But if your setting on top of the machine and see it stop for 5 seconds after reaching 0 then I would say it's most definitely electrical and we can also guide you on how to resolve that.


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      Do you have light ball triggering on these lanes. I'm not familiar with Boss, but does it do light ball triggering? Do you have any Zot branded equipment attached to the machine?
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        Reboot your CPU.
        If it cant be fixed with a hammer, use a bowling pin.


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